Saturday, December 24, 2011

r u looking for customade paper craft?

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Hello uols.

Happy weekend!

Juz a short entry. If u ever need a customade paper flower, customade greeting cards, wedding guestbook, table centrepiece and even a paper flower hbouquet etc please be honoured to drop by nia's blog.

The outcome alwiz super and crafted with lotsa love and passion..

I truly love the card she made for us. I was like nonstop playing the flower. Hiks

Please drop by uols k. It may give u some wedding diy inspirations.

The link is

Ps: im so jelez (positively) tgat she got the craft machine. I mean is has to be the last priority i guess...happy long holidays!!!! :-)
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Marriage is REAL thing..R u ready?

Hello dear blog!

It has been soooo long since i write ehh..

So many things to tell upon bout my wedding but time is a big prob now!That can wait,right?
*batting eyelashes*

Well, it has been longggggggggggg too that i particularly have weekends, sadly!

Starting from KAKOM (karnival korikulum kolej matrix) till the new journey in the new workplace I barely remember when was the last time I able to sleep till noon. When and when? And saturday is a working day without prior notice. Dang my head to the wall!

Too much complaints?Nahhhh, u dun hear all stories from me yet. Well u wish u wont right? Haha..

 I love my new department. I learned a lot in this one hell month. Ooops! No, guys. Im not partying nor lazying in this department. You barely have time to look even one sec to your handphone. Ohh not lying. Ask my mom and hubby!Too frequent outstations for this ONE hell month. Pity hubs. Though i think he will make do with the fact there is PS3 around. Right hubs?

Enuff bout work. Maybe later.

Well forgive me, i have to tell u a bit bout my current situation as it is related to the main topic. When i said marriage is REAL, it is damn REAL,man! so REAL and sometimes u juz want to knock urself at the wall or pretend that ur in a dream.

I dun have any idea that I have to pick ur undies,dear at this time. hehe. Sorry,sir!

So,allow me to start.

  1. Do u love ur husband? Insanely love him. (sooo far, kah!)
  2. Do u thing u know him well?I thought so,but Im wrong. Wait till u live together in the same bed. (Serious face)
  3. Do u think that u can cope as a wifey? I though that it will be easy pitzy but HELL no ok. Trust me, im an eldest child. I thought I can handle it but sometimes i became crazy over it! (Hugs my hubs tightly)
  4. Do u think u can b a good wifey? Yes, I pray for that. I know i can be with provided hubs is very supportive and helpful! (U got 110% for this,hubs)
  5. Do u have any idea how to manage ur marriage life? NOOOOO, like seriously. I spent more than 12 hours on working. I felt that i have only little time to do cooking,laundry and spend quality times together with husband. Where is the beautiful me?I am becoming old lady..Ohhhhhhh no.. Ohh yeah,i forgot to mention families.Damn, i need more time please.
  6. Can u change? For good reasons, YES. (you have no choice as referring to what u have answered at q3 and q4)
  7. Can u be adaptive on families, time, financial and etc once ur married? Ohh YES.. I can do this..Or u will become crazeee,go with the flow and enjoy every moment in ur marriage. (hello highways..i enjoyed passing 150km of u everyday..Pffft!!!...hi SAE, nice of u making stupid schedule i can rarely see my hubs soon..ohh,im aboard in BRP now, and less time at home...bye2 LV tote, see u next two years..hello dryer, i need u so that i can do laundry very fast..ohh "hello mom, i cant go back till the end of the month" (pretend to be normal) but ur freaking feeling guilty head over heels)
  8. Can u let go certain of ur single faveret pastime? Wat more can i say. Need i to say that marriage will change u bit by bit without u noticing. But it is okay, ur changed for good,perhaps. This is the starting point where ur life isnt juz about u and urself. No more darlings. (no more reading novel in the bed for the whole day or soundless sleep for the whole day too..)
  9. Can you throw tantrums like those before-married days? NO. seriously, u even have to watch out the way u speak to him. U will find urself making sentences juz like the early days u know him.yeahhhhhhh...(berani ko berkasar, dosa kot)
  10. Can u expect him to be the same like before u got married? SOMETIMES. but marriage is wonderful. You able to know the other side of him, be it good or bad, Learn to love him for what he is. But never let him take for granted, ask him to love you as what u are. Give both some time and space to steer the journey together. Alwiz be understanding (though it will take the mount to blow for u to understand). Spare patience and strength a lot. (Ask that from Allah s.w.t and hubs shud play this role too).
Marriage is real my dear. It took me to a new life journey. Sometimes i drown myself in this ocean of love.Nevertheless, knowing that hubs is alwiz there with unconditional love u will be strong as u ever need. (or else how can i get myself motivated wakeup early at 5 am to go to work while he is still snoring)

Nevermind u feel down sometimes, thats what life is all about. Live a happy life people. Spread the love. Love each other though tomorrow is the end of the world. Love is a big blessing from God. Bye, for now. See ya..

ps:/ It is not worth any cent although that u have a beautiful wedding ceremony if u juz cant live out of the wedding fantasy. Life after wedding need more planning and other soft skill as compared to the wedding ceremony. Somehow, you will miss the preps. Njoy the preps and dun be soo bridezilla kay. Get helps from others!Be beautiful before and after married, ladies ya!