Thursday, February 24, 2011

Miss Incredible Hulk

I nak jadi incredible hulk ok!

Bukan yg hjau tp purple!

Comel sket.

I angin satu badan la mggu nih!

Keje bertimbun2.

Semua nak cepat!

Dah tu, nama i xde dlm JK tut pun!

Naper i nak kena attend meetg tuh plak erh!


I bukan nak tolak kerja, tp i nak minta cuti kot hari isnin tuh.

I ni anak pompuan sorg. So lepas i tunang saper nak tlg kemas.

JK tut ker?


*entri ini bedasarkan emosi!ampun & maaf yerk

Monday, February 21, 2011

meroyan?!sakit mental ker?


Bukan i yg sakit mental ok.

Tp hari ni i meroyan lar.

Cik piah xde di opis. I xde geng berseronok!

Ari ni ada meeting kurikulum! Reference list mcm hampeh kan?

TQ bebanyak la pada yg bg "complete" info! *pening+skt mata*

Rasa mcm x sihat plak. Kepala sakit, dada sakit, hdung berair. Amek ko!

Errr, malas la nak g meetg.

Nak duk diam2 dlm ofis je buleh?

Arghhh! I nid more holidays!

Apa ko ingat bapak ko PM ker ika oii?

Cuti hjg mggu ko wat apa?

Aduiii, hjg mggu aku sibok jadi wedding planner kpd diri sendiri lak kan!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Me after 5 months!

Muka i dah makin tembam ker?

October 2010

and below...

with the very same tudung

yesterday- 16 feb 2011


I miss my boocok heart!

Seriously, I miss him soo much!

I miss to have eat adventure, window shopping (including the toy's dept & electronic dept), watching movie n so on with him! :(

I like to see him laughing, making jokes and tricks to me!

He is adorable, lovable and yet can be pretty annoying sometimes! Hahahaha! ( He must be mad)

Ohh and I miss his smell. ;p

Last evening he asked me;

him: yang, bee rindu x kat abg?
me: i miss u so very the very extremely dangerously much! lol!
him: haha!ur so adorable! tats y i love u.
me: yeah rite, after seven days i will miss you very monster-ish!we'll see wat u gonna say then?hehe
him: haha!

N guess wat after that he left me all alone for playing CS! ok he's forgiven as i left him every night for aerobeek! hih! thats y i x ngamuk! Kalo dulu i dah jadi monster bila dia main CS tu lelama!

Dear moocok: I wish u will be beside me for every second! ;)

~love endlessly~

playful mr. potato! konon cyclops!

and he likes to eat n eat n eat.... ;p


see his grumpy face while waiting for his food!.... ;p

Two weeks not seeing each other is very very torturing kan sayang? ;p


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding bells!

My e-day will be only 2 weeks more.

So far the preparation is good.

All done except for the food. Ooopss!I forgot bout the special souvenirs!

I guess mum will take care of it (Hope so)

Ohh yea. I have another issue. Bout dais!

Initially, our family agreed to have a simple celebration with the fact no dais at all.

But occasionally, I am thinking whether I should have or I shouldn't?

Last weekend my father mentioned to me that my future mil will sarung cincin at the living hall.

That means I do not have to clean up my room. yay!

Thus, in that case i would like to have some "nice platform" to seat upon waiting the ring on my hands!Ahakz!

Im thinking of juz sitting on "perahu" (its a teak bench) with some flowers and bantal?


I dunno.

Im not going to hire any1 as I dun have that kind of budget listed in our wedding book!Uhuk2!

I will talk to my father bout this later. Huu~

My outfit is also ready! yay! It's dark green colour. (recently i like green, almost all my new baju are in green)

Mind you the outfit is quite ketat. urghh! Thanks to my "munceet" tummy! :(

Err, I have gone far enough from the main title.

Well, as agreed our wedding bells in sept this year! So fast isnt it?

And now i have started to peek on the wedding gowns & dresses!

Its so terrible! Not the dresses of course!Its me!

Its like I have fell in love with all of them!

I complaint to my moocok n he said " i better i cembunyi!" Lol!

Dear moocok: I noe the limits okay!Kedekut btol "technician" kaya ni! :D

I am confused which design I love the most. I mean something that suits with me.
I feel like I am going to be pretty in all those outfits!haha!

Hopefully mom is rea coming over this weekend so that we can confirmed the fabric this weekend.

I will continue about the wedding dress!It hell torturing me!

Im late for my aerobeek.





Pagi2 dah stress.

There are tons of workloads to be done quickly!

With the "help" of my staffs' behavior.

Im so sick.

Sometimes I feel like I want to yell at them.

"Stop bugging me around with these stupid acts!"

Arghhh! I am tired!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hari Maulidur Rasul

Selamat menyambut Hari Maulidur Rasul to all.

Few thoughts for today:

Nothing much today. Being a lazy bum again!

I cooked sambal sardin n telor dadar today!

I tried so hard not to eat more than a plate of rice per
meal. Huhu!

I ate jambu cicah kicap pedas (given by my aerobeek instructor).. Yummy!

Will go to aerobeek tonite.

I thought of cleaning up the house but instead Im watching tv!

I wish tomorrow is PH again.

I really am miss my moocok! :(

*dinner at bkt ampang*

I got to know photographer's info from my bestie, Fana Lina. She's soon to wed in June!

My mom warned me how big my ass is! *sigh*

That's all i guess.. Bye bye!


Monday, February 14, 2011


Hey there.

Im so damn tired today.

My brain juz cannot hold any input.

ABM. I considered done.

There's a new issue about printing services.

Im not really favor with the current situation.

I don't like people said something which i DID NOT.

Ohh how i wish (sometimes) to be a housewife!

I dun have to go to the office dealing with these kind of issues.

Urghhh! My hands and feet are shaking since morning!

I dunno y!

I want to go to aerobeek but Im not feeling well.

lets hope I get some rest tomorrow.

btw, happi maulidur rasul peeps!

Jom selawat ke atas nabi!


Short weekend!


3 days will never be enough for weekend! Put your hands in the air,if u agree!

As i mentioned before last weekend im busy with my e-day preparations! *tired*

I made a complaint to moocok n my mum!

"hari keje kena keje, weekend pun kena keje uruskan bnda ni!!" and my mom replied " yeah. we all have to work together with u to manage ur e-day kakak!" *sigh*

Luckily my e-day will only be a small celebration!or else im going to faint! *huhu*

The preparations are not as easy as i thought. It's very complicated.

Usually e-day takes place at the girl's house. Thus, automatically the girl's side has to prepare the place, food, pembaca doa and etc bla bla bla. My point is I want moocok to know that Im so tired with all these preparations! HAHA! (sape suh gatal nak tunang?)

I think I have done almost 70 %. Let's check it out together;

  • Ring! (there's an issue about ring previously) *Done
  • Engagement dress and baju melayu *Done
  • Scarf & Veil *Done
  • Head band *Done
  • Inner *Done
  • Hantaran *Done
  • Gift Boxes *Done
  • Special gifts Not yet
  • Tikar *Done
  • Safrah *Done
  • Food menu *not yet, but menu has been decided*
  • Invitations *i have no power regarding this*
  • Plates *Done
  • Cuti *Not yet
  • Choc & Cookies *Not yet
  • Cake *Not yet
  • Hadith *Not yet
Thats all that I can remember now!huh!

I juz can't wait for our e-day. I hope that everything goes well. I love u moochok!My only one!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

A long day!n a long mouth!

Hi peeps!

It has been a long day for me today! Err,wait, its not night yet,may I called it a day? *ignore me*

My hands are damn tired for writing this whole day! I processed over 80 tenders!Hurm!

Such a new experience for me but few things happened in the progress.

Well, I was officially appointed as one of the committee and my duty is to check all the profiles!

Yet, the urusetia didn't brief my leader which then caused us to do the review again!Arghhh!

Misinformation, I guess but I dun like the idea of someone point you here n there without explain to u very very well what is needed there!

Cal me fussy, I dun care!But you have to plan the procedure and form first and please lets not juz keep in your heart & soul. Convey to others as well.

My superiors fought about this matter for nothing u noe! Juz becoz one person didnt communicate enough information! *terrible*

And guess what I found in those tenders? Some of them put REJOICE as their toilet shampoo! hahaha *evil grin* Guess how hard I laugh!!

Anyhow, the works were done and we are happy family! Yay! I guess this is the sweet & sour of ur working days! Hee.. :p

And I heard many many stories today! Most of it were the bad ones! *x ngumpat yer*

There is type of people who cant juz shut his mouth. He don't noe when is the appropriate time to open his mouth! Lol!

Sumtimes you juz dunno who to trust!Becoz of fame n name, people may betray you.

Hope im not included and won't ever ever do that!

Enuf bout that! Tomoro i ll be going back to melaka.

Have to do preparations for my e-day! *so damn tired*

I wish to settle it by this week!Becuz its been long since i stay i my house in pontiey.

Maybe later tonite I would go to the town to buy some things for my e-day!

Im so sleepy now! Bye dear!


Tender, Lapo, Kampung?Huh?


I wake up very very late today! 7.30 a.m!Luckily I got to be on time! Phewww~~

Well, today I have to settle a bit bout security & cleaning tender! I am in charge regarding the finance! (how they know i love money soo much?) :D

Kidding! I will be working together with the KJS and PPK. I hope this not gonna be long as Im hungry u see. I dun have my breakfast yet!huuuuu....

Did I tell ya, that i wore flat shoes to work this week!ahhha!

Im such a heels big fan but this week im not myself i guess!huhu..

Errr, my tummy is making sound now! I gotta go!

Btw, my plan to stay in Pontiey this weekend is cancelled! (Order for my royal highness father & mother) *head hangs* I guess I have to postpone my sweet home spring cleaning plan!again n again!Wuarghhhhh!!!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aerobeek erh Arabeek erh Salsabeek erh erh???

Hello again!

Last nite I went for aerobeek with cik piah!

Arhhhaaa, I guess many of my frens would say that I don't have to go as Im already slim!

Yeah,maybe but I have different purpose that is STAMINA..

Yes people!Im easily feeling tired these days!Thus I thought that is the consequences of sitting in the aircond office! Though I may walk thousands time everyday to meeting room, admin, KJ's room, Pengarah's room and etc!But ya noe, it was not enuf!

At the very first session, I was sceptical that this aerobeek thing juz like the one I used to attend during school time!Apperently, IT IS NOT!!!

Seriously, I had fun and tired of course lar!I had pains for all over my body and every joint corner!But It's worth it ya noe!

The very first day, we did flooring! I never knew that flooring is one of the aerobeek arts. I warned you, flooring eats a lot of your energy!

Then from day to day we aerobeek by using wood stick, mattress, and dumbbell!

Last nite the aerobic was like belly dancing + salsa!Urghhh!*damn tired i tell ya but it's so hell FUN!*

Nevertheless, funny it is when i found out I gained my weight 3kg since I went to aerobeek. Ahhaaa! I don't know the relation but I guess I eat a lot before/after aerobeek?! *evil grin*

But I juz don't care I have gained my weight as I am very please with it! It's quite difficult to gain weight back in the university days though of course I eat hell lots! As long as the weight is within BMI index, I tell ya I am HAPPY enough!And I wish to have muscles look over my tummy and arms juz like my beautiful instructor!

Well, gotta go!Bye for now. Till then,


Monday, February 7, 2011

Kelas Memandu

Salam 1 Malaysia ^_^

It's Monday! Yay! (pura2 hepi) *sigh*

"Cuti mcm x cuti jer" (said me), "haah!btol!penat" (said piah)

There you go.When you are still studying you will alwiz wonder when are going to have a job.

But then in reality, when you already secured a job, you will looking forward to weekends and PH.

At least for me lar. Lol! (I bet some other frens feel the same way too)

Ok,i dah mbebel plak!

Continue my story..

Usually I would go back to Melaka for fortnightly. And I would drive vack to Pontian early in the monday morning..Phewww~

I tell ya,it's so hell tiring. I started wondering when I get married to moocok *wink2* I would have to go ulang alik from Nilai!No no no!Please!

Moocok will be working on Sat. Thus, I have to go visit him lar!urghhh!

Ok!Enuf!I've gone too far!

As i drove back to Pontian this morning, I was irritated by most of the drivers!

U would think that I'm overreact but hell NO!

I mean, can you juz imagine that they turn on the high beam all the way though i bet their speed not even more than 110kmh!My goodness!Im so sick ya now!I have rabun silau n aduihai dari belakang and kanan kena attack with those unnecessary lights!

Then I met this mpv following a big big lori in the right lane!oh god!wth?!

I think my bro must be tired listen me babbling to meself!

After my exit at Simpang Renggam toll, my adventure were continued at the "jalan lama". The cars were very slow,many motorists that did not wear the helmets and even ride their motorcycle in the very middle of the road!i HATE that i tell ya!*kalo nak jalantengah2 mcm kereta,beli kereta offense but I hate the fact that they halang kereta dr belakang!*

However Im so proud to have blackie (my ride) becuz the fact that other cars have to stop when the the front car would like to enter a corner, I would juz drive my blackie to the roadside with nothing to worry about!I love u blackie!

In Ayer Baloi, when Im on normal speed there is taxi in front of me that suddenly stopat the roadside without signalling first!Damn taxi!Luckily I sempat pusing stereng ke kanan!Or else???
I cursed all the way till I reached my office!My bro was so shocked with the incident!Come on la pakcik, I tau la u nak cari rezeki tapi hati2 lar,pk org belakang! *Ngokngek tol*

After all I feel like I want to open a driving school!NOT for newbies but to upgrade the driving skills *ehem2*. LOL!

Ahakz!Enuf for Monday!I ll write again!

ps:/ I cant wait to go aerobeek tonite!i miss it soo much!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese Nu Year!

Hallu peeps!


It's PH time!I LOVE IT!!!!well, who doesn't? ;p

Usually I would juz sleep till noon but today somehow I wake up very very early! *dush dush*

Do u noe y? ngee ;p

It's becuz I have to help my mom decorating the computer lab. The BTP is coming so my mum need to prepare the computer lab to be ready! *sigh*

I wonder why the teachers have to do these things..I tot they are suppooose to teach only!
I think it's better if the gov provide lab assistant or PAP for the labs in schools. So the teachers wont have to do the decoration work anymore. They can concentrate on teaching and preparation for their class! :) The teacher may juz contribute ideas to help the lab assistant!

Lucky me to have 3 staff under me to execute my ideas!

Of coz I always help them (If I have time lar).. ~wink2!

After helping my mom today, I have concluded that I DO NOT have any talent to be a teacher!

Ok, I have to stop now..Becuz I curi2 type entry ni!

Btw, I miss my boocook soo much! Hope we can do something fun today!

Bye bye for now!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Nu Enemy is Microsoft Excel

Hey peeps!

I bet u have never read my blog aite?!yup3!and i have deleted the previous one!haha!lol!

I dunno y!Definitely there is no motive to delete it but yes, I have DELETED it!ngee :p

Well, then its have been long since i update my blog! The last was in Oct '10!

I have been pretty bz u noe these days (years actually).. :(

That's y I dun have much time to maintain my blog and moreover I'm so lazy to update it!

So, I guess u must be wondering y I do have the motivation to update my blog today aite!!

Hehe!Awesome!This is where i need to tell you once again, that Microsoft Excel has turned into my new enemy! :D

Damn it Excel! I dunno what went wrong, 3 times I have written the very same doc because my excel alwiz stuck n it caused my data lost!TQVM!

Which is explaining y I have the motivation to write an entry today! While waiting for the Excel to be normal again, i guess it's not a harm to write an entry!yay! :)

I guess Excel also must be feeling tired and bored to deal with this "Takwim" thingy! :/

I just had enough!I can feel my eyes are pedih looking at those small and many rows in Excel!

Huh!This is what you got when u are juz an "employee"..Hihi!Lol!

Not to say that Im not grateful for my current job, but sometimes the workloads are tedious and hell lot u noe!Of coz it tend to be boring!

Urghhhh!Im losing all my nerves!

This is where I should stop!Till then,

Take care,peeps!