Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Nu Enemy is Microsoft Excel

Hey peeps!

I bet u have never read my blog aite?!yup3!and i have deleted the previous one!haha!lol!

I dunno y!Definitely there is no motive to delete it but yes, I have DELETED it!ngee :p

Well, then its have been long since i update my blog! The last was in Oct '10!

I have been pretty bz u noe these days (years actually).. :(

That's y I dun have much time to maintain my blog and moreover I'm so lazy to update it!

So, I guess u must be wondering y I do have the motivation to update my blog today aite!!

Hehe!Awesome!This is where i need to tell you once again, that Microsoft Excel has turned into my new enemy! :D

Damn it Excel! I dunno what went wrong, 3 times I have written the very same doc because my excel alwiz stuck n it caused my data lost!TQVM!

Which is explaining y I have the motivation to write an entry today! While waiting for the Excel to be normal again, i guess it's not a harm to write an entry!yay! :)

I guess Excel also must be feeling tired and bored to deal with this "Takwim" thingy! :/

I just had enough!I can feel my eyes are pedih looking at those small and many rows in Excel!

Huh!This is what you got when u are juz an "employee"..Hihi!Lol!

Not to say that Im not grateful for my current job, but sometimes the workloads are tedious and hell lot u noe!Of coz it tend to be boring!

Urghhhh!Im losing all my nerves!

This is where I should stop!Till then,

Take care,peeps!


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