Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese Nu Year!

Hallu peeps!


It's PH time!I LOVE IT!!!!well, who doesn't? ;p

Usually I would juz sleep till noon but today somehow I wake up very very early! *dush dush*

Do u noe y? ngee ;p

It's becuz I have to help my mom decorating the computer lab. The BTP is coming so my mum need to prepare the computer lab to be ready! *sigh*

I wonder why the teachers have to do these things..I tot they are suppooose to teach only!
I think it's better if the gov provide lab assistant or PAP for the labs in schools. So the teachers wont have to do the decoration work anymore. They can concentrate on teaching and preparation for their class! :) The teacher may juz contribute ideas to help the lab assistant!

Lucky me to have 3 staff under me to execute my ideas!

Of coz I always help them (If I have time lar).. ~wink2!

After helping my mom today, I have concluded that I DO NOT have any talent to be a teacher!

Ok, I have to stop now..Becuz I curi2 type entry ni!

Btw, I miss my boocook soo much! Hope we can do something fun today!

Bye bye for now!

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