Monday, February 14, 2011

Short weekend!


3 days will never be enough for weekend! Put your hands in the air,if u agree!

As i mentioned before last weekend im busy with my e-day preparations! *tired*

I made a complaint to moocok n my mum!

"hari keje kena keje, weekend pun kena keje uruskan bnda ni!!" and my mom replied " yeah. we all have to work together with u to manage ur e-day kakak!" *sigh*

Luckily my e-day will only be a small celebration!or else im going to faint! *huhu*

The preparations are not as easy as i thought. It's very complicated.

Usually e-day takes place at the girl's house. Thus, automatically the girl's side has to prepare the place, food, pembaca doa and etc bla bla bla. My point is I want moocok to know that Im so tired with all these preparations! HAHA! (sape suh gatal nak tunang?)

I think I have done almost 70 %. Let's check it out together;

  • Ring! (there's an issue about ring previously) *Done
  • Engagement dress and baju melayu *Done
  • Scarf & Veil *Done
  • Head band *Done
  • Inner *Done
  • Hantaran *Done
  • Gift Boxes *Done
  • Special gifts Not yet
  • Tikar *Done
  • Safrah *Done
  • Food menu *not yet, but menu has been decided*
  • Invitations *i have no power regarding this*
  • Plates *Done
  • Cuti *Not yet
  • Choc & Cookies *Not yet
  • Cake *Not yet
  • Hadith *Not yet
Thats all that I can remember now!huh!

I juz can't wait for our e-day. I hope that everything goes well. I love u moochok!My only one!


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