Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adik ohhh Adik!

Adik ohhh Adik!

Kakak amat menyayangimu.

Dari sejak kau lahir, kakak la mak kedua mu.

Walau kau suka mengusik, kakak tetap menyayangimu.

Walau kau belajar tak tinggi,kakak tetap menyayangimu.

Walau kamu dah besar, kamu tetap adik ku!

Kakak amat merindui mu.

Kakak bosan tinggal seorang diri tanpa mu.

Sunyi tanpa usikan mu.

Sunyi tanpa bergaduh dengan mu.

Sunyi tiada orang yang boleh ku suruh buat kerja rumah. :p

Adik ohhh Adik!

Walau di mana kakak berada, kamu tetap dalam doa kakak.

Semoga kau dirahmati dan berjaya hendakNya.

Wedding Card~meinspiredonmyown

Bila xde keje,

ini hasilnya.

Oooopss..ada keje tapi MALAS. (cuba semunyikan kenyataan)


So not in the mood nak kerja.

So i buat ni.

Cute x?Please say cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... (hang head)

Ini cara i lepaskan stress. Please redha.

ps: I miss my two brothers. Miss them a lot. Hope they are blessed by Allah s.w.t

Friday, April 8, 2011

ohhh i likeeeeeeeeeeee!

I super duper like the entry written by sis hazlynda kushairi. Read it !

Sometimes its juz terrible that people do more assumption rather than asking.

In my case, my own family spread the bad rumors to other family members.

I dun know what are their intentions?

Since I was small they like to compare themselves with me.

Even in the university. I thought when i started working far far from them I wont be their victim anymore.

I was totally WRONG! They alwiz looking for opportunity to tarnish my name among the family members.

Pathetic they are. I suspected that they have mental problem.

When I told them (back in Jan 2011) that I decided to get married this year they juz stumble, didnt believe for what I told them.

Even go ask my father (before, they have never sms my father), riki with my fiance's frenz.


The best part is they even mentioned that I wont be able to get married this year. So fast that we wont have enuffffffff money! The guy (referring to my fiance) is juz a technician. WADAHEKKK??

Can you imagine that your very own blood said that?How would u feel?

Did i ask their money for my wedding? NOPE. (she owed me money adalah)

I wont be able to get married this year? We can only plan but Allah set everything for us. Btw, masa tunang pun i diikat 6-9 months. The parents in law nak tahun ni jugak. Its becuz my MIL tot that it wud be sweet if I were to get married at age 24. Bila semua ni di mention semasa engagement, baru la mereka senyap! HUHHHH!

My bf (fiance) is a technician? He has been granted License of Aircraft Maintenance (Type A) by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia which means u have been declared as engineer by DCA but not the company such as MAS, SAE, Hornbill, AirAsia X because those companies have internal procedure. They have to go for QA before get to establish.

Right now he has finished the type course A330 (or A320 :p) n now waiting for QA to establish as Licensed AirCraft Engineer.

This so called technician got a better pay from me who's so called PENOLONG PENGARAH GOMEN ok..

N they seriously thought that we dont have savings? That we dont think of the financial part before we decided to get married?

I have been working longer than my fiance and its such a shame that he has more saving than I am.

Funny is, i got to know that his boyfren is only a college boy! Kah!

PLEASE, jaga tepi kain diri sendiri dan anak juz like what sis linda said!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Bosan dgn perangai penipu!

Nak tipu org pun agak2 la kan..

Why people alwiz like to take advantage when we kind to them?

Urghhh! So sick of them!

I should be more firm..Huh!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pameran Pengantin Melaka 2011


A short entry before going for a meeting :p

All pix credit to Shahril Nadia

Last weekend I skipped a function in my college for the sake of nak kemas pinggan masa tunang harituh and pameran pengantin melaka!

Yup!I was all excited because I never been to such event. Moreover, I thought that going to exhibition is a golden opportunity to collect all the bridal info in my hands. I mean bridal boutiques around Malacca.

I went to the exhibition with my mommy. It was held in Melaka Mall (old Kotamas). That day was soooo super hotttttttttttttt..N then we begin our journey.

Overall, Im glad that i able to collect lotsa info esp bout photographer! They offer superb packages (fiancée said its expensive). I found a wedding card vendor that has nice card but yet affordable! Love it! (xsabar nak tentukan tarikh)

However, the dais and wedding dress are quite disappointing. At least for me. Sorry! Any of them didnt catch my eyes.

I feel so blessed to buy and design my own wedding dress. I feel so lucky! Tq yayang!

I was irritated with the so called fair price packages but its expensive actually!

The material that MOST of them used for the wedding dress is not that expensive. Somehow they overcharged the price. Grrrrr!

To all b2b, please examine the packages and the products offered by a bridal boutique carefully. Dun rush into paying deposit. It might me that you will end up in disappointing.

Nevertheless, I found something interesting. To all who interested to bersanding ramai2 on 11.11.2011 di prisbon hotel melaka, u only have to pay for 600 (anggaran). U may njoy the outdoor photography, games, romantic dinner, free one night stay and even can invite 10 people to ur 'reception'.

Ok. Thats all for now.

Meeting time. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

His Wedding Suit- Part 1

Hey yaaaaaaa...

So glad that last weekend we found men suit tailor!!!

The best part is the price is so affordable okehhhhhhhhhhh..

Im so happy when he quoted the price till i feel like i want to hug that uncle.

He's very friendly and fluent in malay.lol!

Unfortunately, i forgot to take note his shop's name! Terrible me n fiancée! :p

Anyhow, the boutique is located at jalan bunga raya.

Ohh yeah, forgot to tell.. The price for a mandarin collar suit is 700! Cheap aite! Fabric included okehhh! Nice! I have imagined the suit would cost 2-3k..

The boutiqe also offer many choices of fabric..From the materials till the colours.

I loikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..and am so relieved that we made a progress about his suit..

Next weekend when we get back to melaka, we will visit uncle again to show the pix.

Uncle said the suit can be collected within 10 days! Superb! Like we r goin to get married this month! Kah3!

Btw, today is fil's besday. Wished him last nite. the first person ever this year.

Ahahaha...I wish my fil to be in great health and prosperous year!We will give u lots of cucu..We promise! :-p

And we even went to furnitures shops to look for bed (his) dresser and wardrobe (me)..

I will update it later..Hiks..

ps:/ im grateful that i made a right decision (so far) to tempah my wedding dress instead of sewa (at least for melaka)..cz if im not i will be more than a bridezilla.. fiancée thankful for been able to avoid bridezilla moment!hikssssss!

Clash of the Titans!!Err,nope!THEORY it is!

Helo helo..

Right now im in the R&D workshop.

Yeah..Writing an entry while others bz presenting the research proposal.

I will be conducting a research on quality of library services at my work place.

Pathetic I tell ya..Im a pathetic researcher..Kah3!

It is because of the clash theory..

Totally different with what I have learned back in the uni..

I took research methodology subject for two semesters. A one year disaster I tell ya..


But somehow I enjoyed it very very much. (much bcoz of the handsome lecturer)

Its pretty annoying when in this situation.

What the speaker briefed us is far different and totally opposite from what I have learned in the uni.


What should i do?

If Pak Ray were to be in this workshop, i bet the world would go upside down. Heh.

I think i will juz follow through the way.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pantang Larang Seorang Ketua berjantinakan Perempuan


Aku mmg hangin satu badan...

Tapi aku cuba simpan angin itu..sebab itu perut aku buncit..tp kadang2 aku terlepas jugak..lepas mcm mana?kentut arrr!!apa lagi beb! :p


Alkisahnya kolej aku ni sedang cuba mendaftarkan aset yg diperolehi dr sekolah..

Aku bertanggungjawab di library..yer la,dah tentu aku bosnya di situ..

Dengan segala hormat aku bg briefing kat 3 org staff aku mengenai pendaftaran aset.

Aku berbuih mulut ckp suruh asingkan aset sekolah, aset kolej , aset yg rosak dll..

Tapi dgn bangga dia bg kat aku satu pun xde kod inventori..

Apa maksud ko di situ woi?

Apa yg cuba ko nak buktikan pd aku?

Air liur ku terbuang ke dalam longkang dek kerana kepandaian ko melaksanakan arahan.

The best part is bila aku tnya dia x faham maksud penerangan aku ker (soalan ini harus utk berlaku adil kpd staf bawah kita) ?????

Dia balas, tau faham.tp dorg lain2 kata xyah no siri tuh..

Aku tnya saper dorg...?

Dorg yg tut tut tut..

Aku pun dengan senyuman paling menawan berkata"Sape yg pegi mesyuarat aset?Saya ke dorg?Maklumat saper yg ko harus percaya?Aku ni ketua ko, naper nak dgr arahan bukan ketua ko!"

Penat aku berbuih2 mulut (nasib x sawan) cerita kat dia apa yg perlu dibuat tp dia ikut jugak kepala dia..

Kan dah kena buat keje dua kali?

NASEB KO lar!!!!ada aku kesah! KO BUAT BALIK SEMULA erh?

aku x kira..

aku bos paling kejam okeh..