Monday, April 4, 2011

His Wedding Suit- Part 1

Hey yaaaaaaa...

So glad that last weekend we found men suit tailor!!!

The best part is the price is so affordable okehhhhhhhhhhh..

Im so happy when he quoted the price till i feel like i want to hug that uncle.

He's very friendly and fluent in!

Unfortunately, i forgot to take note his shop's name! Terrible me n fiancée! :p

Anyhow, the boutique is located at jalan bunga raya.

Ohh yeah, forgot to tell.. The price for a mandarin collar suit is 700! Cheap aite! Fabric included okehhh! Nice! I have imagined the suit would cost 2-3k..

The boutiqe also offer many choices of fabric..From the materials till the colours.

I loikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..and am so relieved that we made a progress about his suit..

Next weekend when we get back to melaka, we will visit uncle again to show the pix.

Uncle said the suit can be collected within 10 days! Superb! Like we r goin to get married this month! Kah3!

Btw, today is fil's besday. Wished him last nite. the first person ever this year.

Ahahaha...I wish my fil to be in great health and prosperous year!We will give u lots of cucu..We promise! :-p

And we even went to furnitures shops to look for bed (his) dresser and wardrobe (me)..

I will update it later..Hiks..

ps:/ im grateful that i made a right decision (so far) to tempah my wedding dress instead of sewa (at least for melaka) if im not i will be more than a bridezilla.. fiancée thankful for been able to avoid bridezilla moment!hikssssss!


  1. well done..good job (dgn intonasi n gaya penagarah)..haha...

    bagus2...setle dah..kurg sakit kepala kite kann..

    Sofia Smiley

  2. haah!kurang beban cikit!at least part baju dah 70% setel..