Friday, April 8, 2011

ohhh i likeeeeeeeeeeee!

I super duper like the entry written by sis hazlynda kushairi. Read it !

Sometimes its juz terrible that people do more assumption rather than asking.

In my case, my own family spread the bad rumors to other family members.

I dun know what are their intentions?

Since I was small they like to compare themselves with me.

Even in the university. I thought when i started working far far from them I wont be their victim anymore.

I was totally WRONG! They alwiz looking for opportunity to tarnish my name among the family members.

Pathetic they are. I suspected that they have mental problem.

When I told them (back in Jan 2011) that I decided to get married this year they juz stumble, didnt believe for what I told them.

Even go ask my father (before, they have never sms my father), riki with my fiance's frenz.


The best part is they even mentioned that I wont be able to get married this year. So fast that we wont have enuffffffff money! The guy (referring to my fiance) is juz a technician. WADAHEKKK??

Can you imagine that your very own blood said that?How would u feel?

Did i ask their money for my wedding? NOPE. (she owed me money adalah)

I wont be able to get married this year? We can only plan but Allah set everything for us. Btw, masa tunang pun i diikat 6-9 months. The parents in law nak tahun ni jugak. Its becuz my MIL tot that it wud be sweet if I were to get married at age 24. Bila semua ni di mention semasa engagement, baru la mereka senyap! HUHHHH!

My bf (fiance) is a technician? He has been granted License of Aircraft Maintenance (Type A) by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia which means u have been declared as engineer by DCA but not the company such as MAS, SAE, Hornbill, AirAsia X because those companies have internal procedure. They have to go for QA before get to establish.

Right now he has finished the type course A330 (or A320 :p) n now waiting for QA to establish as Licensed AirCraft Engineer.

This so called technician got a better pay from me who's so called PENOLONG PENGARAH GOMEN ok..

N they seriously thought that we dont have savings? That we dont think of the financial part before we decided to get married?

I have been working longer than my fiance and its such a shame that he has more saving than I am.

Funny is, i got to know that his boyfren is only a college boy! Kah!

PLEASE, jaga tepi kain diri sendiri dan anak juz like what sis linda said!

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  1. haha!! sokong bilion kali!!

    nih la contoh bahan yg blh digunakan untuk menebas..hehehe