Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pameran Pengantin Melaka 2011


A short entry before going for a meeting :p

All pix credit to Shahril Nadia

Last weekend I skipped a function in my college for the sake of nak kemas pinggan masa tunang harituh and pameran pengantin melaka!

Yup!I was all excited because I never been to such event. Moreover, I thought that going to exhibition is a golden opportunity to collect all the bridal info in my hands. I mean bridal boutiques around Malacca.

I went to the exhibition with my mommy. It was held in Melaka Mall (old Kotamas). That day was soooo super hotttttttttttttt..N then we begin our journey.

Overall, Im glad that i able to collect lotsa info esp bout photographer! They offer superb packages (fiancée said its expensive). I found a wedding card vendor that has nice card but yet affordable! Love it! (xsabar nak tentukan tarikh)

However, the dais and wedding dress are quite disappointing. At least for me. Sorry! Any of them didnt catch my eyes.

I feel so blessed to buy and design my own wedding dress. I feel so lucky! Tq yayang!

I was irritated with the so called fair price packages but its expensive actually!

The material that MOST of them used for the wedding dress is not that expensive. Somehow they overcharged the price. Grrrrr!

To all b2b, please examine the packages and the products offered by a bridal boutique carefully. Dun rush into paying deposit. It might me that you will end up in disappointing.

Nevertheless, I found something interesting. To all who interested to bersanding ramai2 on 11.11.2011 di prisbon hotel melaka, u only have to pay for 600 (anggaran). U may njoy the outdoor photography, games, romantic dinner, free one night stay and even can invite 10 people to ur 'reception'.

Ok. Thats all for now.

Meeting time. :)

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