Saturday, December 24, 2011

r u looking for customade paper craft?

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Hello uols.

Happy weekend!

Juz a short entry. If u ever need a customade paper flower, customade greeting cards, wedding guestbook, table centrepiece and even a paper flower hbouquet etc please be honoured to drop by nia's blog.

The outcome alwiz super and crafted with lotsa love and passion..

I truly love the card she made for us. I was like nonstop playing the flower. Hiks

Please drop by uols k. It may give u some wedding diy inspirations.

The link is

Ps: im so jelez (positively) tgat she got the craft machine. I mean is has to be the last priority i guess...happy long holidays!!!! :-)
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Marriage is REAL thing..R u ready?

Hello dear blog!

It has been soooo long since i write ehh..

So many things to tell upon bout my wedding but time is a big prob now!That can wait,right?
*batting eyelashes*

Well, it has been longggggggggggg too that i particularly have weekends, sadly!

Starting from KAKOM (karnival korikulum kolej matrix) till the new journey in the new workplace I barely remember when was the last time I able to sleep till noon. When and when? And saturday is a working day without prior notice. Dang my head to the wall!

Too much complaints?Nahhhh, u dun hear all stories from me yet. Well u wish u wont right? Haha..

 I love my new department. I learned a lot in this one hell month. Ooops! No, guys. Im not partying nor lazying in this department. You barely have time to look even one sec to your handphone. Ohh not lying. Ask my mom and hubby!Too frequent outstations for this ONE hell month. Pity hubs. Though i think he will make do with the fact there is PS3 around. Right hubs?

Enuff bout work. Maybe later.

Well forgive me, i have to tell u a bit bout my current situation as it is related to the main topic. When i said marriage is REAL, it is damn REAL,man! so REAL and sometimes u juz want to knock urself at the wall or pretend that ur in a dream.

I dun have any idea that I have to pick ur undies,dear at this time. hehe. Sorry,sir!

So,allow me to start.

  1. Do u love ur husband? Insanely love him. (sooo far, kah!)
  2. Do u thing u know him well?I thought so,but Im wrong. Wait till u live together in the same bed. (Serious face)
  3. Do u think that u can cope as a wifey? I though that it will be easy pitzy but HELL no ok. Trust me, im an eldest child. I thought I can handle it but sometimes i became crazy over it! (Hugs my hubs tightly)
  4. Do u think u can b a good wifey? Yes, I pray for that. I know i can be with provided hubs is very supportive and helpful! (U got 110% for this,hubs)
  5. Do u have any idea how to manage ur marriage life? NOOOOO, like seriously. I spent more than 12 hours on working. I felt that i have only little time to do cooking,laundry and spend quality times together with husband. Where is the beautiful me?I am becoming old lady..Ohhhhhhh no.. Ohh yeah,i forgot to mention families.Damn, i need more time please.
  6. Can u change? For good reasons, YES. (you have no choice as referring to what u have answered at q3 and q4)
  7. Can u be adaptive on families, time, financial and etc once ur married? Ohh YES.. I can do this..Or u will become crazeee,go with the flow and enjoy every moment in ur marriage. (hello highways..i enjoyed passing 150km of u everyday..Pffft!!!...hi SAE, nice of u making stupid schedule i can rarely see my hubs soon..ohh,im aboard in BRP now, and less time at home...bye2 LV tote, see u next two years..hello dryer, i need u so that i can do laundry very fast..ohh "hello mom, i cant go back till the end of the month" (pretend to be normal) but ur freaking feeling guilty head over heels)
  8. Can u let go certain of ur single faveret pastime? Wat more can i say. Need i to say that marriage will change u bit by bit without u noticing. But it is okay, ur changed for good,perhaps. This is the starting point where ur life isnt juz about u and urself. No more darlings. (no more reading novel in the bed for the whole day or soundless sleep for the whole day too..)
  9. Can you throw tantrums like those before-married days? NO. seriously, u even have to watch out the way u speak to him. U will find urself making sentences juz like the early days u know him.yeahhhhhhh...(berani ko berkasar, dosa kot)
  10. Can u expect him to be the same like before u got married? SOMETIMES. but marriage is wonderful. You able to know the other side of him, be it good or bad, Learn to love him for what he is. But never let him take for granted, ask him to love you as what u are. Give both some time and space to steer the journey together. Alwiz be understanding (though it will take the mount to blow for u to understand). Spare patience and strength a lot. (Ask that from Allah s.w.t and hubs shud play this role too).
Marriage is real my dear. It took me to a new life journey. Sometimes i drown myself in this ocean of love.Nevertheless, knowing that hubs is alwiz there with unconditional love u will be strong as u ever need. (or else how can i get myself motivated wakeup early at 5 am to go to work while he is still snoring)

Nevermind u feel down sometimes, thats what life is all about. Live a happy life people. Spread the love. Love each other though tomorrow is the end of the world. Love is a big blessing from God. Bye, for now. See ya..

ps:/ It is not worth any cent although that u have a beautiful wedding ceremony if u juz cant live out of the wedding fantasy. Life after wedding need more planning and other soft skill as compared to the wedding ceremony. Somehow, you will miss the preps. Njoy the preps and dun be soo bridezilla kay. Get helps from others!Be beautiful before and after married, ladies ya!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

mixed feelings again!!!!

hello darling all..

im a weirdo, do i???

im happy that i will be transfered soon to kl. means near to hubs.yay!!!!

im sad to leave my current workplace. wat the heck, ika???i guess its sad to leave a place where u started from zero and put so much effort for it to grow and expand. there are still many dreams that i cudnt make it happen to my precious workplace...hewhew..i wish it to b better in the next hand.

im stress that i have so mny thgs to settle. tho this is my last week hut i still dpt asgnmnt dr boss ok..dgn staff lampi buat fail meja..hehe..

arghhhh..tho i dun really like this place at first but it has so many sweet memories at here. i mean i will miss my fellow colleague and students. syg korg..ketemu lg yaaa!!

ps: walaupun aku sedih tp xmau la dtg.pontian tahun ni..hehe..trauuuuuumaaa..tkt tperangkap lg..hahahaha..duh!!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

album kawen dh siap!!

hello people!!!

saya sgt tidak sabar gantung frame itu!!hihhi

my wedding slbum dh fast aint it???tats y i like to work with irwan n asrul..thry alweiz have superb ideas and dedicated to their i dont have any props i juz depend on their creativity. and the pictas sume best...

please consider them to be ur op..

u may visit the web

or contact them straightaway 0132005700 (irwan)..

juz mention my name ika kayyyy..they are very helpful and no worries on budgetwise kay..

ps: apa teruk benar album dh siap tp review wedding x buat2???hehehe..
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

our first tutti frutti

After one year wedd preps br sempat pg tutti lepas kawen mmg syok u olls..

Tutti frutti is much cheaper compared to baskin robin or jco.and super sinful n yummy.

The price is 5.30 per 100 gram.. This time i tried red velvet,guava n grape. First time ever i like grape flavor..means sdp bsngat la u ollss..hihi..cuan plsk mmg hntu guava..

Go n indulge urself people..esp yg tgh bridezilla mode..mesti happy!!

Ps: i got transferred and sdg sbuk pindah. My nu crib will b ar nilai..and yes this tutti frutti is in nilai too..bye bye pontie..hewhew..
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TEASER: I am married ;-)

My side's reception

His side- Outdoor Photoshoot

ps: pictas with no editing!i loikeee!penat berkejar ke pantai ptg tu juz get the sunset!it's all worth it!  :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Hubster. . .

Dear syg,

Fairly miss u right now. Sorry that my sensor juz turn the switch button.

Kinda late aint it?We sort of expect that im gonna cry and throwing tantrums at you on my way back to Pontie but NOT that happened.

I am eager to serve the workloads until i forgot to tell you that i have safely arrived. Weird! I juz tot this another normal day like day with plus that u do the packing for me. Well thats a new thing that i like!

During lunchtime i made myself promise not to bother you as u have vip oral tomorrow. I am kinda sure at that time i will be okay as i will be busy cleaning up the house. 

Anyhoo, i feel different at 4 p.m. Suddenly i miss you like crazee and feeling so sad that now I realized we are 340 km far. Oh gosh! And am crying now. Longing to see u. Longing to hear ur stupid jokes that somehow managed to receive smiles from me.

I really miss you. And you know what? being a psycho wife i already survey flight ticket to JB for this Friday. DO YOU GET THE HINT???????and already think that moving out will be pretty good excuse to ask you to come here. WHAT???i also cant believe myself syg. i know this is what you love me about. (Force you to nod)

All of sudden i feel that 15 nov is sooo long from now. Started counting days. Mind you that i dun count on our wedd dates!

Sayang, i pray you will have great sucess tomorrow. Juz give your very best. Dont forget to pray a lot and a lot to Allah s.w.t. Promise you that i will be a good wife to you. Xoxo. *sobs*

ps: Can i meroyan esok?I mean after your QA oral? *wink*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

FACTS- What NOT to expect from my wedding

Hello people!

It will be 8 days more to be legally wife to my darling hubster. Wuuuuuuu,i cnt wait darling olls! 
*batting eyelashes*

8 days more and am still in Johor (220 km away from home) made me feel like dang!!!i am worried about the preps. tho my reception will be handle by the restaurant but the preparation lists keep ongoing, its like never ending. Ya Allah. sumtimes i am clueless. it's very difficult to handle your very own wedding when you r working in different state with small budget. uhuk2! at this point of time i couldnt be more careless about the small itinerary of my wedd such as photo booths, the  fancy guest book, walking aisle for my solemn and bla bla bla..i juz want to get married as soon as possible! huahuahua.. *gatal ek* i juz want the reception to get over soon..wanna b his lovely wife very very soon...please please please..

and i have so many many things in this world to worry about;

  • my application to transfer
  • my diy pelamin
  • vip doorgifts
  • room deco
  • makanan x cukup, xsedap
  • the dais x cantik
  • makeup x cantik
  • ohh no, the wedd planner cudnt get me the belt.
  • ohhh super malas nk kemas umah..
hey guys, do u have any idea what more to put inside the box that contains potpouri, handkerchief and candle? *help me*

so here i listed some of the things that u guys shud know about my wedding, i mean not only u bloggers but all of my guests too :-/

  • 2 months before wedding, i heard so many complaints about the food. i paid half already so i cant back off and moreover the wedding card have been distributed with the restaurant stated as the wedd venue. well my mistakes cz i tot the food shud me yummy and delightful cz the restaurant is quite famous for its food. unfortunately maybe not a nasi beriyani specialist? arghh, well i dun expect it to be super yummy but lets juz hope that it wont taste like effing shit maybe? mum did confront with them and told about her worries. fair and square la kan from doing nothing and let it be. so i guess cant do anything much ehh,juz pray..lets pray together people. i need that particularly! :-)
  • supposedly i am to be wearing a dress on chuan's side reception but no wayyyyy that it to happen now..blame it on who?i fault or the tailor's fault..EFF!!!my goocee piece man!how dare how dare!arghh but then i found raihan&sofia's blog, i feel much relieved. she also wore a full beads lace on her wedding while his hubster wore a suit..oh lega!maybe it isnt goin to be as bad as what i imagine huh?
  • the doorgift is simple and plain.sweets in the mini jar..hee
  • not going to wear any stilettos, platform, kitten heels..juz an ordinary i dunt want my foot to be in pain..har har har..i even got scolded by the wedd planner for not wearing any super duper heels..two and half inch ok whattttt?
  • there wont be any superb deco all around,it may be juz a simple deco..hewhewhew..pretty sure no centerpiece at all..malas la wehh nk pk..
  • errr,somehow i forgot what to write more. aha ha ha ha..later la continue ehhh..

ps:/ i pray a lot for everything to be smooth..can u guys pray together with me?i need that..tq darling alls..xoxo

Cinta vs Kentut!!

What more to say huh?Juz have a good laugh on this one! ha ha ha!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- She made my day


ps:/ i feel relieved upon looking her wedd pictas. thought that a full beads lace dress wouldn't suit well with men suits. im totally wrong. now lets keep our finger cross and pray that i will be looking gojez on my w-day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love happens!

May our fairy tales begin soon. 10 days more to be exact. Sometimes it feels not right to be in the office when the w-day date is near. I am nervous and worry for so many many things. I can see the bridezilla mode is coming. NO NO NO. I pray for the best. I am hoping the bless from Allah s.w.t. Amin.

ps/: sayang, hope that u will get well soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

SOON please!!!!

Tak sabar nak kawen dah. Meluap2 semangat nak kawen bila tgk blogger frens dh kawin eg lisa, put, n lain2..huaa,bila turn i plak...cepat la..i x sabar ni!HARHARHAR!!

ps/:i wont be around in the office till friday. love it!kah3! (harap bos x bc blog ni)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reasons im long gone from writing

Hello people in the world!

It has been long and long since i write!

Not that im not updated with the other b2b or ex b2b stories but i juz lost my interest to write an entry.

For many many reasons you know. Lemme list it! WARN you that its gonna be a long long list. Demmit, i give you at least ten la..Fair enuff..Haha

  1. Workloads. Blame it to whom?Me or them?
  2. I dun do any wedd preps in Ramadhan. Let alone me and God in Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah.
  3. Too many hiccups here n there. Im sick of it! I guess i juz cudnt let it out from my heart and type it. Very tiring u know. To get involved in the hiccups and to tell about it even more tiring. Lol!
  4. Worried bout my wedd dress for his side and guess what my insticnt is so strong. It didnt turn out to be like what I wanted. Pretty ugly I tell ya. And unfortunately its my fave fabric. Man,its goocee!The reality is killing me. Now, i can really say Ohhh my goocee!Arghh..
  5. Bz with Hari Raya. Well, though there is not a single guest allowed to come to my family rent house xcept for chuan but im still a buzy bee helping mummy for Hari raya. We managed to bake 3 types of cookies. Ehem, WE?WE? My mom gonna make her smirk face to me! haha! The truth I only help her buying the ingredients, commenting, tasting and bla bla bla...Mama, what happen to our muffin? Lol!
  6. Bz again helping my bro for his uni admission preps. This one took a lot lot away energy from me. Not too mention it drained out my money too. Haha. I'd do anything to see my bro happy in his uni days esp 1st sem! Hey bro,make sure u do the same to adik. My bro alwiz be a lampi person in managing his own life but turn out to be so called legend hero in game. Yes,in playing games esp cabal whatshit. I juz cant stop laughing when he requested us to allow him to stay together with chuan. sorry bro,this time ur trick aint going anywhere. Well he wanted to stay there of coz there's a super laju internet connection and another reason is cuan (Gamer too).
  7. Bz again and again moving some of my things from piah's crib back to my house again. Juz realized I have lotsa baju (5 minutes only and then I forgot).
  8. Started my wedd preps again. Lotsa thanks to my family,hubster and frens esp Zana. My weekends are full with the wedd preps related activities. I started to feel bored okeh. Cant wait to be a wifey soon. Hiks.
  9. Ohh ya,i somehow choose to write the wedd inv card rather than writing a new entry. hehe. At last,im in victory. But excuse me,i have not send all the wedd inv card to colleagues juz yet. Yes, though they are in the same building with me. Blame it on the reason no 1 again. They made me occupied and I had to sacrifice my lunch time to write on the wedd inv card. So whoever waiting for my wedd card,please be patience. Im so sorry.
  10. I juz need some alone space to cool down before i write again. I dun want to talk crap in this blog. I dun want to write shit on my wedd preps. Piah once told me that this wedd prep memory going to be a sweet memory after the wedd. Well, at least please. Time, money and energy have been supplied to the wedding. Hope it can cherish my love relationship with lotsa lotsa love forever. 

Well, wedding preps taught me so many things. I had my lessons. From a stone cold head I became a more more patience person. But sometimes i still got blown up! Yes yes. Regretted it sometimes. I juz cant endure the stress.  Am looking forward to the solemnization. Like seriously. I juz want everything to end all soon and lemme be the beautiful wifey to the handsome hubster. Wanna start our life together very very soon with the truthful knots and be blessed by no other God, Allah swt.

ps:/ im happy to see more things that can be slashed frow the wedd checklist. gonna updates the preps. well,if i keen to. haha. bye,all. love ya!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Homesick+Keje+Raya+ Kawen+Rindoo=tido+makan byk+mixed feelings


bolehkah aku berdialog begini dgn pengarah?

Toooooooooooolongg! aku teramat homesick kala ini. DAMN! padahal br pagi ni smpai ponti kan. Melampau kau ika. Dasar x bersyukur!Cepat minta ampun!Pergh, cmne la nak ikut cuan g keje kat dubaii. Tiap hari aku nanges kat tepi tingkap. Eh?Drama betolll! Office sgt sunyi dan sepi. Student and lecturer semua dh start cooti. Tggal management and support staff je. Support staff bz gotong royong. Staff aku dicuri lagi. Heh. Xpe,janji bukan aku yg kena gotong royong.

Kesunyian ini menambahkan perasaan homesick aku.Pagi tadi semasa sahur aku dah merengek dgn mama xmau balik ponti, xmau pg keje. (Apa ko ingat ini sekolah ika?). Mcm biasa mama mesti melayan anak perempuan sorg ni. Hehe. Tapi dipaksa juga aku pg keje. Hari ni mama cuti jadi lagi melekit aku nak balik ponti tgk dorg ramai2 kat umah. 

Raya xlama je lagik kan?Baru la last weekend aku sebok2 cr baju raya aku yg dicampak dgn jayanya akibat kegemokan tidak muat baju lantas mencampak sejauh2 mungkin baju rayaku. Dan aku merasa begitu success bila mampu mengetappp dgn kemas semua butang baju rayaku semalam. Tetapi. . ...Ecehceh..Perut ada slack sikit. Iskkkk3!Xpe spanx kan ada! (ayat sedap hati) Weiii korg,aku turun sekilo okehhh. Please clap for me!Yooohoo!gedix ko!

Semalam aku pusing satu melaka mencari baju mak pengantin yg glamor ni harammm xde satu yg dia berkenan. aku tergelak sorg2 je. Hover kayyy mama aku. Lagi susah rupanya cari baju mama dr cari baju kawen aku. hehehe...Baju raya adik pun belum beli lagi. Wahhh tahun ni semuanya lagging belaka. Adakah disebabkan oleh wedding prep ku?Hoho. Anyhoo,raya tahun ini x semewah tahun lepas. Al maklum, hari perkahwinan bakal menjelang x lama lagi. Sila ikat perut sikit ika. Sobssssss.

Arghh!Otakku sekarang pk nak cepat2 nikah je...Baru la agaknya rasa kurang sikit risau dan beban. Walaupun keje melambak di atas meja tp otakku asik ingat kawen kawen kawen. gatal noks? Bukan x sabar tp juz nak cepat2 jd pasangan cap halal gitu. Ehh?Sama la tu kan dgn x sabar. Hiks!I juz cant describe the feelings but i rea want it to happen soon. Faster please Mr. Time.

Chuan said im a psycho. Lagi nak kawen lagi keluar perangai psycho aku. Hahahahaha. Im kinda have mixed feelings ya know, I think all b2b ada this kind of feelings. Esp when the wedding is juz around the corner. Ypu tend to be more manja, attention seeker (to him only), sensitive and rindoooooooo sgt even tho he's juz right beside you. Ohhhhhh my. Never thought that I could be like this.

pray hard that i wouldn't end up like this

Well, the workload has become too dear too company these few weeks and it's going to be like that till the end of year. I juz cant do anything bout it. What i can do is juz be patience, and cope with it. Like i alwiz said I wonder who's the gomen servant yg rileks,xde keje? tell me plez?

My target this week;

  • System Procurement Proposal. Hope that we will get the new system.
  • Karikatur Kemerdekaan --------->>>Looking forward to this
  • KIK -------------------->> Run wamp server 
  • RnD ------------------>>> Habiskan literature review
  • Takwim 2011 ------------------->>>Analysis report
  • Top Mgmt Meeting's Minute ------>>>Restructure ayat balik

Anyhoooo, aku rasa sgt mengantok sekarang. mahu tido sih!!mahu makan juga. makan sedap sedap.

ps:/ semalam syahdu je rasa bila berjalan berdua dgn mama, berpimpin tgn, gelak2, buat lawak budus...arghh,apakah lepas kawen masih berpeluang sebegini. PLEASE!!!!!i still wanna b my mom's lil princess!My mother's ever beautiful princess!!!

So there is Chuan. . .

" it's going to be less than two months. we went thru ups and downs together. looking forward to be his real companion in this world and in the after world".

ps: the closer the wedd, the more i miss(psycho) him.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Drama of Reception Dress

Hi darling2 semua ^_~

How's ur puasa so far??

Ke ada yg belum kesempatan berpuasa? :-P

Mine so far so gud. 

Berusaha seboleh yang mungkin untuk beramal. Yelah, di samping dapat pahala kita boleh melatih diri utk lebih istiqamah kan kan?

Apa pun i harap semuanya baik-baik sahaja esp b2b yg xlama lagi je menjelang perkhawinan mereka.
Mesti tgh berdebar dan bermacam perasaan kan..

Well, wat about with other b2b?How's ur preps?
Mempunyai drama seperti saya??Hiks!

Sebelum ini, perancangan adalah pernikahan dan majlis dalam satu hari yang sama.
Juga merancang yang tidak akan bersanding di kedua - dua majlis.
Benarlah kata orang, kita hanya merancang.

Tempat resepsi saya bertukar. Bukan lagi di rumah. Hanya pernikahan shj di rumah. InsyaALLAH.
Lalu saya haruslah mencari sepasang baju lagi untuk resepsi. 
(ohhh pening)

Oleh kerana sudah byk berbelanja utk dua pasang baju(nikah & tandang) yang lain, jadi saya harus cut corner sedikit utk baju resepsi. Sedih? Tidak lah. Kebetulan saya memang teringin nak pakai songket bunga tabur. Ingin kelihatan cantik seperti mama saya ketika perkhawinana mama. Lengkap dengan dokohnya, tali pinggangnya, sanggul lintang.

Ohh yaaaa. I like it. Call me lame but i still like it.

Songket murah pelbagai pilihan haruslah ke City One Plaza bukan?
Telah beberapa kali saya ke sana dan seringkali merengek dgn mama melihat persalinan songket kontemporari dgn kain meleret. *suka suka*

Once i rea like the one at the Silver Star tapi sudah tiada lagi bajunya. Plus size di situ M atau L sahaja. We have to alter. Customade pun ada tp ntah la kenapa sy berat hati mahu customade di Silver Star.

Then we went from shop to shop like Bright Sail and other tapi colour tiada yang saya suka. Ohh saya kalau mahu colour itu mahu itu jugak. *gediks*
Yang saya mahu songket putih dan silver tapi nan ado. Saya hanya jumpa putih emas. Tak berapa cantik. Namun saya menjumpai satu warna yg saya perasan cantekkksss. Hehe.
Warna lemak ketam (kuning pink-two tone) berkait benang emas.

Kedai yang saya beli kain songket ini juga menawarkan perkhidmatan tailoring. Plus harganya cukup menawan dan dijanjikan seminggu sahaja sudah siap. Terus saya bersetuju.

Of coz kena marah dgn papa sebab saya bilang pd papa mahu beli yang ready made shj. Terus saya bg alasan pd minggu berikutnya saya outstation di Kl, so boleh lah saya ambil persalinan ini. Kemudian proses mengambil ukuran pun berlaku dan haruslah saya tanya soalan bonus pada akak itu.

'Boleh test tengkolok pada tunang saya?Sebab kepala dia besar sedikit. Songkok pun kena customade'.
Uhuk3! (love u syg)

Lucky that muat kalo x kaciwaaaaaa la saya kannnnnn..

Ntah kenapa saya tergerak hati untuk tidak membayar semua harga persalinan ini wpun bercadang sedemikian. Kemudian saya sekali lagi bertanya pada akak itu betulkah akan siap seminggu. Dan jawapannya haruslah IYE dikkk.

Selasa pada minggu hadapannya saya pun menelefon akak itu bertanyakan perihal baju saya. Saya memperkenalkan diri saya dan beritahu warna kain saya dan design yang sy nak(design sy pelik cikit).

Jawapannya "Sudah dik. Bila adik nak dtg fitting?' . Kemudia saya pun melonjak2 dalam hati dan berkata Jumaat la kak. Pagi nanti saya dtg.

Kebetulan minggu itu chuan on night duty thats why la we rea nak pegi fitting on Friday sebab saya berada di KL dan dia free waktu siang.

Kalo cuan on day shift memang la susah. Harus amek cuti. No No No. Byk cuti telah diambil.
Perlu simpan utk hal-hal lain.

Pagi jumaat itu saya pun bangun dengan awalnya dan pergilah ke butik itu dengan chuan.

Tapi apa yang saya dapat??

"eh baju adik belum siaplah. Akak tersilap. akak ingatkan orang lain"

Ohhh tidak!I feel like shit at that time! Seriously!Sape yg xmarah?I all the way from johor okehh which is about 5 hours drive. (eh mcm ko yg drive, pdhal driver).

Anyhoo I managed to calm down at that particular time. Dengan tegas i minta akak tu siapkan la apa rupa baju tu utk fiance and i fitting. Aku x kira la x berjahit pun baju tu berpin je ke janji aku fitting. Dasar!!!!

While that kitorg pg la round jalan TAR, KLCC smpai ptg nan ado akak tu kol. Cissss! Kali ni ko mmg sengaja kak. Kan aku dah pesan call aku kalau apa2. Mengamuk la aku secara professional di kedai itu.

Last2 dia janji esok ptg akan siap. ayat aku masa tu "ini janji apa?Melayu ke islam?kalo janji melayu akak sy xmau dah percaya". Dasattttt mulut ko ika. Kejam. Lantak. 

Esoknya pagi2 kitorg shoot pre wedding smpai kul 11. makan makan dah tghari. Still no news from akak tu. Then kitorg plak ngantuk tahap gaban so dua2 balik tdo dulu. Ptg kol akak tu dia kata dh siap. Seee????X reti nak kol customer. Sakit kepala aku!

full dress tggu october nnt yer ~_^

Overall, aku puas hati la dgn jahitan kedai ni. Walaupun dalam masa sehari jahitan dia mmg kemas. And aku suka cara dia gabungkan bunga tabur dgn kerawang di kain aku. Nice!!! Harga reasonable! CUMA service la lemau kan..Maybe korg boleh try,mungkin nasib aku yg terkena mcm tu.

Hmmmm, masa wedding preps ni banyak dugaan. Mula-mula aku selalu sedih. Tapi lama2 aku fikir,ini ujian tuhan. Aku perlu redha dan bersabar. Seterusnya menjadi kuat dgn kasih sayangNYA. Come to think of it, im surprised with myself. Aku xla bridezilla seperti yg aku expect. Mungkin aku dah xlarat or malas n redha jer. Mungkin. Ye mungkin.  *_*

Hence,mana2 b2b yg lain boleh la amek pengajaran di sini. Ini lah dugaan. Bukan senang nak mengerjakan sesuatu yg baik. Dan jgn lah kita terlandas dari matlamat yg sebenar iaitu pernikahan. Tak kesah lah kalo yg kita impikan x tercapai tp sekurang-kurangnya kita sudah berusaha. Kita harus bersyukur dgn rezeki yg Allah beri. Itu yang terbaik utk kita tanpa kita sedar.

K la....papai semua..Mooochh*Mooochhhh*

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teaser: My Ever Pre Wedding Shoot

'ladies first' katanya.. :p

ala ala bridezilla :D
sweetness vs machoness :)
yours truly: makeup, accessories, baju, HB semua sendiri :p

  Photoshoot done by IrwanMusa and assisted by Asrul!

Gigih kami start shoot from 6.30 am - 10.30am (juz imagine pukul brape i bangun nak get ready)
Its so wonderful to work with irwan and his friend!!!!

Im so glad that i ever meet them! Total 500++ shots i tell you! Lenguh segala otot kay!Tapi irwan n asrul really helpful to cheer us up, to guide us in posing and to give lotsa creative idea..I couldn't ask for more..Yippie yay!!!I dunno about you guys but i juz loooooooooooveeee his work!

Dah la irwan x tdo semalaman sbb keje then terus shoot kitorang..How nice! I feel its so worth to hire him with his effort nak shoot and rightaway editing after photoshoot. Excited he and his friend were editing till I ajak makan pun dorg buat dunooo je..Hehe...I melantak terus x tunggu dorg,lapar kayyy! Then siap ada main2 snap pix lagi kat kedai makan..Keh3!

Sesiapa nak hire dia please do so! Rate dia luar KL pun sgt reasonable plus x fussy kay! 
Juz mention my name (ika) when you call him!

ps: everyday now n then keep waiting more n more pictas fr irwan!ngeeee..
im so gedixxxx, forgive me..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Haluuuuuuuuuuuuuu guys!

Im gonna wrote a short entry on SPANX.

Yes, peeps. 

Im one of the buyers.

Ask me WHYYYYY??? (sensitive issue)

Due to my bad eating habits i ended with big bulging tummy which is not supernice for a bride to be who like to wear a so called snow white dress.

C'mon guys, who doesnt want to look pretty?

Ohh not to say that im not pretty though (coughing, uhuk2), but pretty face with big bulging tummy in her wedding dress? That's pathetic. Im scared org akan ckp "ehh ika ni pehal perut bulat, belum kawen lagiii"!

Ohhh NO NO NO. (penat dah kena kutuk at workplace sbb dah tembammm)

So mind you that although u already bought SPANX but  u still have to care upon ur food taking kayyyy.

SPANX is not capable to make you slimmer without controlling any food taking or exercise.
(coughing again)

Seriously, SPANX gonna hide your wicked fat but not gonna burn any of it.

SPANX not gonna hide your tummy/fat 100% but somehow you will look in well define shape.

Another good thing about SPANX ni, mula2 pakai u akan rasa something ketaaatttttt kat perut kay. Dek keranan keketatan itulah u ollss akan mengurangkan pemakanan anda sedikit demi sedikit. lol!

Serious i xtipu. Dari seorang raksasa nasi full time sekarang menjadi part timer sahaja. Dan hasilnya kurang la lilitan lemak sebanyak 2 cm je. (clap3 for me!)

Anyhoo, Spanx ni ada menyediakan lubang berpatutan utk aktiviti berpatutan ttp ikut selera masing2 la kan. 
(xleh blah lar to use the provided hole)

Overall, SPANX mmg comfort as promised. Mmg give you a better shape look! 

Xde dah adidas kat tepi badan (lemak 3 tingkat).

And seamless ok! SEAMLESS di perut dan di punggung kita yang comel gituuuuu..

So, sesiapa yang nak beli silaaaaaaakannn!

in power line super higher power spanx-RM165 from KERRY

ps: tq to my saaaayang for buying me SPANX. (nampak nau dia nak perut aku flat kan) 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teaser:My Solemn Dress

HI people!


Heee :)

Happy semacam je ekkk?

Indeed I am happy!

Happy pasal dpt info dr lisa n kina mini jar's price is cheaper than i thought.

Kurang 10sen pun mesti berkira wooo. beli seribu dah brape jimat kan kan kan?

Dah dekat2 ni, org kata bahang mmg terasa. 

Malah bahang duit berterbangan pun sudah terasa angin sepoinya.

InsyaALLAH, rezeki sentiasa ada. AMIN.

Kadangkala rezeki tak smestinya dizahirkan melalui duit, ttp boleh juga melalui ketenangan hati, urusan dipermudahkan n etc.

Sentiasa bersyukur pada Allah s.w.t.

Begitu juga dgn baju pernikahan saya.

Sememangnya tidak menepati 100% seperti apa yang saya mahu. Tetapi saya tetap bersyukur baju pernikahan tidak lah disaster mana. In some way in turned out to be much nicer than i thought.

Than i thought not than i expected kayyyyyyyyyyy.. (nak jugak kan)

Terdapat sedikit pertelagahan manja-manja gitu antara saya dan tailor.

Tapi syukur semuanya dah selesai. Saya cepat2 mahu ambil baju pernikahan saya. hehe.
 (To avoid more stress and emo breakdown)

Jgn salah sangka pula yer. Bukannya saya ni fussy but i juz totally dun like for what i wanted people simply change according to their taste.

LUPAKAN la wahai hati.

So here's my solemn dress. Belum dijahitkan beadings dan bunga-bungaan(one of my DIY list).

InsyaAllah, apabila siap beadingsnya akan saya tunjukkan kepada b2b semua.

Semoga dapat menjadi inspirasi tidak kira cantik atau buruk. HAHAHAHA.

Abaikan la blackie sy yg bersepah.

Saya hanya meletakkan baju ini di dalam kereta kerana esok saya akan pulang ke rumah di Melaka.

ps: dah dapat solemn dress boleh lah mula shoe hunting!!!woohoo!

Wedd Checklist! How far are you ready? :)

Our Wedding Checklist  
(thanks to kina)

1. Tarikh (Confirmed)
Nikah : 7 Oktober 2011 (night)
Resepsi : 8 Oktober 2011 (day)
Bertandang: 9 Oktober 2011 (day)

2. Theme & concept:
Nikah : Gold
Resepsi : Pending
Bertandang : Black + Pink

3. Legal documents: DONE

4. Venue (Confirmed)
Nikah : Home Sweet Home
Resepsi : Restoran . . .
Bertandang: Ozanna Villas

5. Catering/Canopy
Nikah :
Resepsi : Booking Paid.

6. Pelamin
Nikah :
Mini pelamin-Papa
·         Sunflower Garden, candle holder (settled)
·         Unsettled: kerusi, curtain drapes, frame, bantal nikah
Resepsi : To ask TYK
Bertandang: Duno yet?

7. Photographer
Pre-wedd: Irwan musa
Outfit: Suit & Dress
Accessories: Necktie & Handbouquet- Pending

Nikah, Resepsi, Bertandang: Irwan Musa. Deposit 250 done!

8. Videographer
Nikah: Duno yet?...............................................

9. Prince charming’s suit & princess’s dress
-Dress: Collected!
Baju melayu – In progress
-Beads & 3D flowers: Pending DIY
-Tudung: Ariani
 -Veil: Pending
 -Shoe: Both Pending.
-Accessories: Pending.

-Dress: Pending
-Baju hang tuah: Pending
-Tudung: Pending.
-Veil: Pending.
-Shoe: Done.
-Accessories: Pending.

-Dress: In progress
-Suit: Done
-Tudung: Pending.
-Veil: Pending
-Shoe: Done (mine) Chuan’s:??
-Tie, vest: Pending

10. Makeup
Nikah, resepsi, Bertandang: To be confirmed with Vivian,Stage

11. Doorgift
Nikah:Boxes done! Isi not yet
Resepsi: Mini Jar, Sticker

12. Bunga Pahar/Bunga Manggar/Centerpiece
Nikah: In Progress
Resepsi: To do by TYK

13. Hantaran
Bilangan dulang: 7 balas 9

For ika: In Progress

1. Ring & mas khawin – in progress
2. Perfume utk si wangi - done
3. Makeups for beautiful - done
4. Handbag & wristlet - done
5. Sirih junjung - dekat2 nnt
6. Watch for it girl - done
7. Reserve

For my beloved chuan: In progress           

1. Ring – in progress
2. Shirt & Jeans - done
3. Beg & wallet - done
4. Shoes - done
5. PS move- done
6. Love chocs/ Cupcakes - dekat2 nnt
7. Sirih junjung - dekat2 nnt
8. Perfume utk si buchuk - done
9. Watch - done

Deco/Flowers: Pending

14. Mas Khawin: 

15. Invitation Card/TQ tag/Bunting/Signage
Both side: Artchetak
Depo: rm50 Balance: 650
Design: In progress
Printing: Pending

16. Cake
Resepsi: ……………………….
Bertandang: ……………………..

17. Jurunikah/Pembaca doa
Nikah: Jurunikah
Resepsi: Pembaca doa-Perlu ke?Tanya papa n daddy

18. Handbouquet
Nikah: Pending
-Flower type: Sunflower. Done
Resepsi: To ask tom yam klasik
Flower type & colour:
Bertandang: Boutennieres maybe?DIY??
19. Guest List

PA system: To ask TYK
CD of songs: Pending

21. MOH/Bridesmaid/bestman
·         MOH:Zana
·         Bridesmaids: Wani, wani?, Ain
·         Bestman: Fauwaz
·          Bridesmaids dress: Done
Bestman's malay suit: Done
·         Beadings: Pending. DIY

·         MOH: Wani Perlis
·         Bridesmaids: Wani, Zana, Ain?
·         Dress: if ada rezeki lebih, belikan.
·         Pomander balls: Pending
·         Bestman:
·         Baju:

·         MOH: Wani Perlis
·         Bridesmaids: Wani, Zana, Ain?
·         Dress: if ada rezeki lebih, belikan.
·         Pomander balls: Pending
·         Bestman:
·         Baju:

22. Bilik pengantin
My Katil: Done
My mattress: Pending
My bedsheet, bolster, pillows: Done
Room Deco: Pending

His katil: Done
His mattress: Done
His bedsheet:
His deco:
Staircase: To ask mummy

24. Guestbook/Photobooth/Wedding arche
·         Nikah, resepsi, tandang: Sama & Pending

·         Bertandang: To ask chuan
·         Resepsi: Pending

Wedding arche:
·         Nikah: In progress
·         Resepsi: To discuss TYK
·         Tandang:

25. Honeymoon (if ada rezeki lebih)
Date: (To be confirmed)
Location:  (To be confirmed)
Tickets: (To be confirmed)
Accommodation: (To be confirmed)

long long list. but im so happy i can slash few items. haha. i like to slash!well there are so many entries i want to wrote esp my legal docs experience, my nikah attire, my OP, the doorgifts...arghhh so many but yet i have lil time and a lot of laziness to write. heh. soon will do my pre wedd shoot. juz discussed with irwan. 

btw, anyone interested plez consult irwan. coz he's damn talented not only for wedding but for other functions too. im soooooooooooooooo in love with him. erk? i mean his work!
plus he offeres me a very good deal and tell ya he can be nego all around. i loike that.
i do really need a photog that may guide us in everything from the theme, concept, places, pose and many many else. so he is the right guy for us!

so girlssssssss, may i present you my OP

ps: juz mention my name to him kayyyyyy.. :)