Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reasons im long gone from writing

Hello people in the world!

It has been long and long since i write!

Not that im not updated with the other b2b or ex b2b stories but i juz lost my interest to write an entry.

For many many reasons you know. Lemme list it! WARN you that its gonna be a long long list. Demmit, i give you at least ten la..Fair enuff..Haha

  1. Workloads. Blame it to whom?Me or them?
  2. I dun do any wedd preps in Ramadhan. Let alone me and God in Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah.
  3. Too many hiccups here n there. Im sick of it! I guess i juz cudnt let it out from my heart and type it. Very tiring u know. To get involved in the hiccups and to tell about it even more tiring. Lol!
  4. Worried bout my wedd dress for his side and guess what my insticnt is so strong. It didnt turn out to be like what I wanted. Pretty ugly I tell ya. And unfortunately its my fave fabric. Man,its goocee!The reality is killing me. Now, i can really say Ohhh my goocee!Arghh..
  5. Bz with Hari Raya. Well, though there is not a single guest allowed to come to my family rent house xcept for chuan but im still a buzy bee helping mummy for Hari raya. We managed to bake 3 types of cookies. Ehem, WE?WE? My mom gonna make her smirk face to me! haha! The truth I only help her buying the ingredients, commenting, tasting and bla bla bla...Mama, what happen to our muffin? Lol!
  6. Bz again helping my bro for his uni admission preps. This one took a lot lot away energy from me. Not too mention it drained out my money too. Haha. I'd do anything to see my bro happy in his uni days esp 1st sem! Hey bro,make sure u do the same to adik. My bro alwiz be a lampi person in managing his own life but turn out to be so called legend hero in game. Yes,in playing games esp cabal whatshit. I juz cant stop laughing when he requested us to allow him to stay together with chuan. sorry bro,this time ur trick aint going anywhere. Well he wanted to stay there of coz there's a super laju internet connection and another reason is cuan (Gamer too).
  7. Bz again and again moving some of my things from piah's crib back to my house again. Juz realized I have lotsa baju (5 minutes only and then I forgot).
  8. Started my wedd preps again. Lotsa thanks to my family,hubster and frens esp Zana. My weekends are full with the wedd preps related activities. I started to feel bored okeh. Cant wait to be a wifey soon. Hiks.
  9. Ohh ya,i somehow choose to write the wedd inv card rather than writing a new entry. hehe. At last,im in victory. But excuse me,i have not send all the wedd inv card to colleagues juz yet. Yes, though they are in the same building with me. Blame it on the reason no 1 again. They made me occupied and I had to sacrifice my lunch time to write on the wedd inv card. So whoever waiting for my wedd card,please be patience. Im so sorry.
  10. I juz need some alone space to cool down before i write again. I dun want to talk crap in this blog. I dun want to write shit on my wedd preps. Piah once told me that this wedd prep memory going to be a sweet memory after the wedd. Well, at least please. Time, money and energy have been supplied to the wedding. Hope it can cherish my love relationship with lotsa lotsa love forever. 

Well, wedding preps taught me so many things. I had my lessons. From a stone cold head I became a more more patience person. But sometimes i still got blown up! Yes yes. Regretted it sometimes. I juz cant endure the stress.  Am looking forward to the solemnization. Like seriously. I juz want everything to end all soon and lemme be the beautiful wifey to the handsome hubster. Wanna start our life together very very soon with the truthful knots and be blessed by no other God, Allah swt.

ps:/ im happy to see more things that can be slashed frow the wedd checklist. gonna updates the preps. well,if i keen to. haha. bye,all. love ya!


  1. biasa la tu mood trun naik...hehe

  2. nana:hee..but im so darn happy to read ur tutorial..rea helpful n boost my spirit! :)

  3. haha we're in the same boat dear..aura nk berblogging tu sedikit sebyk dh hlg hehe..
    hopefully u'll doing fine in this coming days..jgn stress sgt ok..chill and enjy the beautiful days left before becoming a lovely wifey..:-)