Thursday, September 29, 2011

FACTS- What NOT to expect from my wedding

Hello people!

It will be 8 days more to be legally wife to my darling hubster. Wuuuuuuu,i cnt wait darling olls! 
*batting eyelashes*

8 days more and am still in Johor (220 km away from home) made me feel like dang!!!i am worried about the preps. tho my reception will be handle by the restaurant but the preparation lists keep ongoing, its like never ending. Ya Allah. sumtimes i am clueless. it's very difficult to handle your very own wedding when you r working in different state with small budget. uhuk2! at this point of time i couldnt be more careless about the small itinerary of my wedd such as photo booths, the  fancy guest book, walking aisle for my solemn and bla bla bla..i juz want to get married as soon as possible! huahuahua.. *gatal ek* i juz want the reception to get over soon..wanna b his lovely wife very very soon...please please please..

and i have so many many things in this world to worry about;

  • my application to transfer
  • my diy pelamin
  • vip doorgifts
  • room deco
  • makanan x cukup, xsedap
  • the dais x cantik
  • makeup x cantik
  • ohh no, the wedd planner cudnt get me the belt.
  • ohhh super malas nk kemas umah..
hey guys, do u have any idea what more to put inside the box that contains potpouri, handkerchief and candle? *help me*

so here i listed some of the things that u guys shud know about my wedding, i mean not only u bloggers but all of my guests too :-/

  • 2 months before wedding, i heard so many complaints about the food. i paid half already so i cant back off and moreover the wedding card have been distributed with the restaurant stated as the wedd venue. well my mistakes cz i tot the food shud me yummy and delightful cz the restaurant is quite famous for its food. unfortunately maybe not a nasi beriyani specialist? arghh, well i dun expect it to be super yummy but lets juz hope that it wont taste like effing shit maybe? mum did confront with them and told about her worries. fair and square la kan from doing nothing and let it be. so i guess cant do anything much ehh,juz pray..lets pray together people. i need that particularly! :-)
  • supposedly i am to be wearing a dress on chuan's side reception but no wayyyyy that it to happen now..blame it on who?i fault or the tailor's fault..EFF!!!my goocee piece man!how dare how dare!arghh but then i found raihan&sofia's blog, i feel much relieved. she also wore a full beads lace on her wedding while his hubster wore a suit..oh lega!maybe it isnt goin to be as bad as what i imagine huh?
  • the doorgift is simple and plain.sweets in the mini jar..hee
  • not going to wear any stilettos, platform, kitten heels..juz an ordinary i dunt want my foot to be in pain..har har har..i even got scolded by the wedd planner for not wearing any super duper heels..two and half inch ok whattttt?
  • there wont be any superb deco all around,it may be juz a simple deco..hewhewhew..pretty sure no centerpiece at all..malas la wehh nk pk..
  • errr,somehow i forgot what to write more. aha ha ha ha..later la continue ehhh..

ps:/ i pray a lot for everything to be smooth..can u guys pray together with me?i need that..tq darling alls..xoxo


  1. Bertenang dear. InsyaAllah semuanya berjalan lancar. alaa, sikit2 tu sometimes orang tak perasan pun, pengantin je yg tahu. ;-)

    Btw, I didn’t know your email. You nak lagu kahwin yang manakah dear? sebab you post kat Dinner Reception I takut tersalah plak. huhu..

    With me now, cuma ada yang i guna time bersanding jer as listed in the link below. If you nak yang ini, i boleh postkan Cdnya. =)

    But lagu for dinner reception, our friend yg tolong burnkan.
    He chose the ‘Buddha bar ‘ - compilation of relax music.
    The CD is with him tapi la nih, dia out-station and dua minggu lagi baru balik. ;-(

    anything you can always email or post back kat my wall. takut i tak perasan if you reply here. how to keep track on our previous comment on other ppl blogs lah? i'm a bit buta IT. hohoho~ ;p

  2. Hi dream weaver! tengs for the wish!

  3. all d best dear.. dont worry too much okay... :)

  4. jgn freak out sgt. relax k? surely the guests takkan blame u klu all of a sudden mknan sucks.

    its just ppl's perception of how a wedding shud be perfect. its a burden to bride coz surely the groom wudn't care less.

    mcm td i tgk kim kardashian punya wedding la. nmpk perfect je tp sebenarnya chaos gila kut preps nya.

    eh, u mention psl make up tunang n kawin u tu...u amik kat mana? umah u dekat dgn shopping complex ke...

  5. ain: the food turned out to be super yummy on my big day!could never ask for more from Allah s.w.t. I am fairly happy bride!im from melaka so i guna mua stage melaka :p