Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Hubster. . .

Dear syg,

Fairly miss u right now. Sorry that my sensor juz turn the switch button.

Kinda late aint it?We sort of expect that im gonna cry and throwing tantrums at you on my way back to Pontie but NOT that happened.

I am eager to serve the workloads until i forgot to tell you that i have safely arrived. Weird! I juz tot this another normal day like day with plus that u do the packing for me. Well thats a new thing that i like!

During lunchtime i made myself promise not to bother you as u have vip oral tomorrow. I am kinda sure at that time i will be okay as i will be busy cleaning up the house. 

Anyhoo, i feel different at 4 p.m. Suddenly i miss you like crazee and feeling so sad that now I realized we are 340 km far. Oh gosh! And am crying now. Longing to see u. Longing to hear ur stupid jokes that somehow managed to receive smiles from me.

I really miss you. And you know what? being a psycho wife i already survey flight ticket to JB for this Friday. DO YOU GET THE HINT???????and already think that moving out will be pretty good excuse to ask you to come here. WHAT???i also cant believe myself syg. i know this is what you love me about. (Force you to nod)

All of sudden i feel that 15 nov is sooo long from now. Started counting days. Mind you that i dun count on our wedd dates!

Sayang, i pray you will have great sucess tomorrow. Juz give your very best. Dont forget to pray a lot and a lot to Allah s.w.t. Promise you that i will be a good wife to you. Xoxo. *sobs*

ps: Can i meroyan esok?I mean after your QA oral? *wink*

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  1. hi3....cute je ayat...anyway jom follo me pulak