Sunday, October 23, 2011

our first tutti frutti

After one year wedd preps br sempat pg tutti lepas kawen mmg syok u olls..

Tutti frutti is much cheaper compared to baskin robin or jco.and super sinful n yummy.

The price is 5.30 per 100 gram.. This time i tried red velvet,guava n grape. First time ever i like grape flavor..means sdp bsngat la u ollss..hihi..cuan plsk mmg hntu guava..

Go n indulge urself people..esp yg tgh bridezilla mode..mesti happy!!

Ps: i got transferred and sdg sbuk pindah. My nu crib will b ar nilai..and yes this tutti frutti is in nilai too..bye bye pontie..hewhew..
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  1. hi dear..
    congrate for ur wedding..
    mmg syok dating lps khwn..nk jgk..nngee=D
    i'm new support n follow me