Thursday, October 27, 2011

album kawen dh siap!!

hello people!!!

saya sgt tidak sabar gantung frame itu!!hihhi

my wedding slbum dh fast aint it???tats y i like to work with irwan n asrul..thry alweiz have superb ideas and dedicated to their i dont have any props i juz depend on their creativity. and the pictas sume best...

please consider them to be ur op..

u may visit the web

or contact them straightaway 0132005700 (irwan)..

juz mention my name ika kayyyy..they are very helpful and no worries on budgetwise kay..

ps: apa teruk benar album dh siap tp review wedding x buat2???hehehe..
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  1. bestnyaaaaa.. memang sangat cepat hokayy. terpantas i pernah dgr. lucky you! ayuh segeraaa share more reviews & photos yok! ;-)