Wednesday, November 2, 2011

mixed feelings again!!!!

hello darling all..

im a weirdo, do i???

im happy that i will be transfered soon to kl. means near to hubs.yay!!!!

im sad to leave my current workplace. wat the heck, ika???i guess its sad to leave a place where u started from zero and put so much effort for it to grow and expand. there are still many dreams that i cudnt make it happen to my precious workplace...hewhew..i wish it to b better in the next hand.

im stress that i have so mny thgs to settle. tho this is my last week hut i still dpt asgnmnt dr boss ok..dgn staff lampi buat fail meja..hehe..

arghhhh..tho i dun really like this place at first but it has so many sweet memories at here. i mean i will miss my fellow colleague and students. syg korg..ketemu lg yaaa!!

ps: walaupun aku sedih tp xmau la dtg.pontian tahun ni..hehe..trauuuuuumaaa..tkt tperangkap lg..hahahaha..duh!!!

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