Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedd Checklist! How far are you ready? :)

Our Wedding Checklist  
(thanks to kina)

1. Tarikh (Confirmed)
Nikah : 7 Oktober 2011 (night)
Resepsi : 8 Oktober 2011 (day)
Bertandang: 9 Oktober 2011 (day)

2. Theme & concept:
Nikah : Gold
Resepsi : Pending
Bertandang : Black + Pink

3. Legal documents: DONE

4. Venue (Confirmed)
Nikah : Home Sweet Home
Resepsi : Restoran . . .
Bertandang: Ozanna Villas

5. Catering/Canopy
Nikah :
Resepsi : Booking Paid.

6. Pelamin
Nikah :
Mini pelamin-Papa
·         Sunflower Garden, candle holder (settled)
·         Unsettled: kerusi, curtain drapes, frame, bantal nikah
Resepsi : To ask TYK
Bertandang: Duno yet?

7. Photographer
Pre-wedd: Irwan musa
Outfit: Suit & Dress
Accessories: Necktie & Handbouquet- Pending

Nikah, Resepsi, Bertandang: Irwan Musa. Deposit 250 done!

8. Videographer
Nikah: Duno yet?...............................................

9. Prince charming’s suit & princess’s dress
-Dress: Collected!
Baju melayu – In progress
-Beads & 3D flowers: Pending DIY
-Tudung: Ariani
 -Veil: Pending
 -Shoe: Both Pending.
-Accessories: Pending.

-Dress: Pending
-Baju hang tuah: Pending
-Tudung: Pending.
-Veil: Pending.
-Shoe: Done.
-Accessories: Pending.

-Dress: In progress
-Suit: Done
-Tudung: Pending.
-Veil: Pending
-Shoe: Done (mine) Chuan’s:??
-Tie, vest: Pending

10. Makeup
Nikah, resepsi, Bertandang: To be confirmed with Vivian,Stage

11. Doorgift
Nikah:Boxes done! Isi not yet
Resepsi: Mini Jar, Sticker

12. Bunga Pahar/Bunga Manggar/Centerpiece
Nikah: In Progress
Resepsi: To do by TYK

13. Hantaran
Bilangan dulang: 7 balas 9

For ika: In Progress

1. Ring & mas khawin – in progress
2. Perfume utk si wangi - done
3. Makeups for beautiful - done
4. Handbag & wristlet - done
5. Sirih junjung - dekat2 nnt
6. Watch for it girl - done
7. Reserve

For my beloved chuan: In progress           

1. Ring – in progress
2. Shirt & Jeans - done
3. Beg & wallet - done
4. Shoes - done
5. PS move- done
6. Love chocs/ Cupcakes - dekat2 nnt
7. Sirih junjung - dekat2 nnt
8. Perfume utk si buchuk - done
9. Watch - done

Deco/Flowers: Pending

14. Mas Khawin: 

15. Invitation Card/TQ tag/Bunting/Signage
Both side: Artchetak
Depo: rm50 Balance: 650
Design: In progress
Printing: Pending

16. Cake
Resepsi: ……………………….
Bertandang: ……………………..

17. Jurunikah/Pembaca doa
Nikah: Jurunikah
Resepsi: Pembaca doa-Perlu ke?Tanya papa n daddy

18. Handbouquet
Nikah: Pending
-Flower type: Sunflower. Done
Resepsi: To ask tom yam klasik
Flower type & colour:
Bertandang: Boutennieres maybe?DIY??
19. Guest List

PA system: To ask TYK
CD of songs: Pending

21. MOH/Bridesmaid/bestman
·         MOH:Zana
·         Bridesmaids: Wani, wani?, Ain
·         Bestman: Fauwaz
·          Bridesmaids dress: Done
Bestman's malay suit: Done
·         Beadings: Pending. DIY

·         MOH: Wani Perlis
·         Bridesmaids: Wani, Zana, Ain?
·         Dress: if ada rezeki lebih, belikan.
·         Pomander balls: Pending
·         Bestman:
·         Baju:

·         MOH: Wani Perlis
·         Bridesmaids: Wani, Zana, Ain?
·         Dress: if ada rezeki lebih, belikan.
·         Pomander balls: Pending
·         Bestman:
·         Baju:

22. Bilik pengantin
My Katil: Done
My mattress: Pending
My bedsheet, bolster, pillows: Done
Room Deco: Pending

His katil: Done
His mattress: Done
His bedsheet:
His deco:
Staircase: To ask mummy

24. Guestbook/Photobooth/Wedding arche
·         Nikah, resepsi, tandang: Sama & Pending

·         Bertandang: To ask chuan
·         Resepsi: Pending

Wedding arche:
·         Nikah: In progress
·         Resepsi: To discuss TYK
·         Tandang:

25. Honeymoon (if ada rezeki lebih)
Date: (To be confirmed)
Location:  (To be confirmed)
Tickets: (To be confirmed)
Accommodation: (To be confirmed)

long long list. but im so happy i can slash few items. haha. i like to slash!well there are so many entries i want to wrote esp my legal docs experience, my nikah attire, my OP, the doorgifts...arghhh so many but yet i have lil time and a lot of laziness to write. heh. soon will do my pre wedd shoot. juz discussed with irwan. 

btw, anyone interested plez consult irwan. coz he's damn talented not only for wedding but for other functions too. im soooooooooooooooo in love with him. erk? i mean his work!
plus he offeres me a very good deal and tell ya he can be nego all around. i loike that.
i do really need a photog that may guide us in everything from the theme, concept, places, pose and many many else. so he is the right guy for us!

so girlssssssss, may i present you my OP

ps: juz mention my name to him kayyyyyy.. :)


  1. happy preparing dear...i rindu saat2 tu :)

  2. nana: tq so much..plez guide me in between :)