Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teaser: My Ever Pre Wedding Shoot

'ladies first' katanya.. :p

ala ala bridezilla :D
sweetness vs machoness :)
yours truly: makeup, accessories, baju, HB semua sendiri :p

  Photoshoot done by IrwanMusa and assisted by Asrul!

Gigih kami start shoot from 6.30 am - 10.30am (juz imagine pukul brape i bangun nak get ready)
Its so wonderful to work with irwan and his friend!!!!

Im so glad that i ever meet them! Total 500++ shots i tell you! Lenguh segala otot kay!Tapi irwan n asrul really helpful to cheer us up, to guide us in posing and to give lotsa creative idea..I couldn't ask for more..Yippie yay!!!I dunno about you guys but i juz loooooooooooveeee his work!

Dah la irwan x tdo semalaman sbb keje then terus shoot kitorang..How nice! I feel its so worth to hire him with his effort nak shoot and rightaway editing after photoshoot. Excited he and his friend were editing till I ajak makan pun dorg buat dunooo je..Hehe...I melantak terus x tunggu dorg,lapar kayyy! Then siap ada main2 snap pix lagi kat kedai makan..Keh3!

Sesiapa nak hire dia please do so! Rate dia luar KL pun sgt reasonable plus x fussy kay! 
Juz mention my name (ika) when you call him!

ps: everyday now n then keep waiting more n more pictas fr irwan!ngeeee..
im so gedixxxx, forgive me..


  1. dear...cantiknye!!! nmpk classy gitu...hehe

  2. niceeee...luv d dress.!! very classy lah u all nih.. :D

  3. just wanna say..sgt gorgeousla dear....:)

  4. renee:tq tq!classy?kitorg juz main belasah je xde konsep pun! :p

    amani:tengs dear..soon ur turn plak kan!

  5. baju u!! WOW!!, suka dgn colour combinations gambar2 u

  6. syaliz: juz a simple dress..i rasa mcm serabut2 je sikit dgn inner tu..ngee..thanks to my OP for the beau pix!

  7. gojessssss !!! tp mmg besh kan bergambar. kul 6.3p pun redah je eheheh :)

  8. walaupun dh lame post ni,tp nak gak comment!
    overall,mmg super super gorgeoussss + x tau nak describe dh.....hehehe