Monday, April 4, 2011

Clash of the Titans!!Err,nope!THEORY it is!

Helo helo..

Right now im in the R&D workshop.

Yeah..Writing an entry while others bz presenting the research proposal.

I will be conducting a research on quality of library services at my work place.

Pathetic I tell ya..Im a pathetic researcher..Kah3!

It is because of the clash theory..

Totally different with what I have learned back in the uni..

I took research methodology subject for two semesters. A one year disaster I tell ya..


But somehow I enjoyed it very very much. (much bcoz of the handsome lecturer)

Its pretty annoying when in this situation.

What the speaker briefed us is far different and totally opposite from what I have learned in the uni.


What should i do?

If Pak Ray were to be in this workshop, i bet the world would go upside down. Heh.

I think i will juz follow through the way.

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