Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding bells!

My e-day will be only 2 weeks more.

So far the preparation is good.

All done except for the food. Ooopss!I forgot bout the special souvenirs!

I guess mum will take care of it (Hope so)

Ohh yea. I have another issue. Bout dais!

Initially, our family agreed to have a simple celebration with the fact no dais at all.

But occasionally, I am thinking whether I should have or I shouldn't?

Last weekend my father mentioned to me that my future mil will sarung cincin at the living hall.

That means I do not have to clean up my room. yay!

Thus, in that case i would like to have some "nice platform" to seat upon waiting the ring on my hands!Ahakz!

Im thinking of juz sitting on "perahu" (its a teak bench) with some flowers and bantal?


I dunno.

Im not going to hire any1 as I dun have that kind of budget listed in our wedding book!Uhuk2!

I will talk to my father bout this later. Huu~

My outfit is also ready! yay! It's dark green colour. (recently i like green, almost all my new baju are in green)

Mind you the outfit is quite ketat. urghh! Thanks to my "munceet" tummy! :(

Err, I have gone far enough from the main title.

Well, as agreed our wedding bells in sept this year! So fast isnt it?

And now i have started to peek on the wedding gowns & dresses!

Its so terrible! Not the dresses of course!Its me!

Its like I have fell in love with all of them!

I complaint to my moocok n he said " i better i cembunyi!" Lol!

Dear moocok: I noe the limits okay!Kedekut btol "technician" kaya ni! :D

I am confused which design I love the most. I mean something that suits with me.
I feel like I am going to be pretty in all those outfits!haha!

Hopefully mom is rea coming over this weekend so that we can confirmed the fabric this weekend.

I will continue about the wedding dress!It hell torturing me!

Im late for my aerobeek.




  1. nnt kena kemas bilik gak.. hahaha!

  2. bluwekkkk!mama kata u kena tlg kemas gak sbb u suka main torch light kan?

  3. Ika!!!tahniah!!!!muahhh2...senyap2 je kan tp bagusla sbb engagement tak yah nak inform sgt kat semua org..=))

    september ye??what day,dear??

  4. x tentu tarikh lg..nnt nak 3 bulan baru tentukan..hiks.tq syiro..doakan saya erh..