Monday, February 7, 2011

Kelas Memandu

Salam 1 Malaysia ^_^

It's Monday! Yay! (pura2 hepi) *sigh*

"Cuti mcm x cuti jer" (said me), "haah!btol!penat" (said piah)

There you go.When you are still studying you will alwiz wonder when are going to have a job.

But then in reality, when you already secured a job, you will looking forward to weekends and PH.

At least for me lar. Lol! (I bet some other frens feel the same way too)

Ok,i dah mbebel plak!

Continue my story..

Usually I would go back to Melaka for fortnightly. And I would drive vack to Pontian early in the monday morning..Phewww~

I tell ya,it's so hell tiring. I started wondering when I get married to moocok *wink2* I would have to go ulang alik from Nilai!No no no!Please!

Moocok will be working on Sat. Thus, I have to go visit him lar!urghhh!

Ok!Enuf!I've gone too far!

As i drove back to Pontian this morning, I was irritated by most of the drivers!

U would think that I'm overreact but hell NO!

I mean, can you juz imagine that they turn on the high beam all the way though i bet their speed not even more than 110kmh!My goodness!Im so sick ya now!I have rabun silau n aduihai dari belakang and kanan kena attack with those unnecessary lights!

Then I met this mpv following a big big lori in the right lane!oh god!wth?!

I think my bro must be tired listen me babbling to meself!

After my exit at Simpang Renggam toll, my adventure were continued at the "jalan lama". The cars were very slow,many motorists that did not wear the helmets and even ride their motorcycle in the very middle of the road!i HATE that i tell ya!*kalo nak jalantengah2 mcm kereta,beli kereta offense but I hate the fact that they halang kereta dr belakang!*

However Im so proud to have blackie (my ride) becuz the fact that other cars have to stop when the the front car would like to enter a corner, I would juz drive my blackie to the roadside with nothing to worry about!I love u blackie!

In Ayer Baloi, when Im on normal speed there is taxi in front of me that suddenly stopat the roadside without signalling first!Damn taxi!Luckily I sempat pusing stereng ke kanan!Or else???
I cursed all the way till I reached my office!My bro was so shocked with the incident!Come on la pakcik, I tau la u nak cari rezeki tapi hati2 lar,pk org belakang! *Ngokngek tol*

After all I feel like I want to open a driving school!NOT for newbies but to upgrade the driving skills *ehem2*. LOL!

Ahakz!Enuf for Monday!I ll write again!

ps:/ I cant wait to go aerobeek tonite!i miss it soo much!



  1. hmm.. hebat2! sape yg ajar u drive, eh? mesti dia hensem... LOL! ={P

  2. secret! i only can tell u he's damn hot! :p