Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aerobeek erh Arabeek erh Salsabeek erh erh???

Hello again!

Last nite I went for aerobeek with cik piah!

Arhhhaaa, I guess many of my frens would say that I don't have to go as Im already slim!

Yeah,maybe but I have different purpose that is STAMINA..

Yes people!Im easily feeling tired these days!Thus I thought that is the consequences of sitting in the aircond office! Though I may walk thousands time everyday to meeting room, admin, KJ's room, Pengarah's room and etc!But ya noe, it was not enuf!

At the very first session, I was sceptical that this aerobeek thing juz like the one I used to attend during school time!Apperently, IT IS NOT!!!

Seriously, I had fun and tired of course lar!I had pains for all over my body and every joint corner!But It's worth it ya noe!

The very first day, we did flooring! I never knew that flooring is one of the aerobeek arts. I warned you, flooring eats a lot of your energy!

Then from day to day we aerobeek by using wood stick, mattress, and dumbbell!

Last nite the aerobic was like belly dancing + salsa!Urghhh!*damn tired i tell ya but it's so hell FUN!*

Nevertheless, funny it is when i found out I gained my weight 3kg since I went to aerobeek. Ahhaaa! I don't know the relation but I guess I eat a lot before/after aerobeek?! *evil grin*

But I juz don't care I have gained my weight as I am very please with it! It's quite difficult to gain weight back in the university days though of course I eat hell lots! As long as the weight is within BMI index, I tell ya I am HAPPY enough!And I wish to have muscles look over my tummy and arms juz like my beautiful instructor!

Well, gotta go!Bye for now. Till then,


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