Thursday, February 10, 2011

A long day!n a long mouth!

Hi peeps!

It has been a long day for me today! Err,wait, its not night yet,may I called it a day? *ignore me*

My hands are damn tired for writing this whole day! I processed over 80 tenders!Hurm!

Such a new experience for me but few things happened in the progress.

Well, I was officially appointed as one of the committee and my duty is to check all the profiles!

Yet, the urusetia didn't brief my leader which then caused us to do the review again!Arghhh!

Misinformation, I guess but I dun like the idea of someone point you here n there without explain to u very very well what is needed there!

Cal me fussy, I dun care!But you have to plan the procedure and form first and please lets not juz keep in your heart & soul. Convey to others as well.

My superiors fought about this matter for nothing u noe! Juz becoz one person didnt communicate enough information! *terrible*

And guess what I found in those tenders? Some of them put REJOICE as their toilet shampoo! hahaha *evil grin* Guess how hard I laugh!!

Anyhow, the works were done and we are happy family! Yay! I guess this is the sweet & sour of ur working days! Hee.. :p

And I heard many many stories today! Most of it were the bad ones! *x ngumpat yer*

There is type of people who cant juz shut his mouth. He don't noe when is the appropriate time to open his mouth! Lol!

Sumtimes you juz dunno who to trust!Becoz of fame n name, people may betray you.

Hope im not included and won't ever ever do that!

Enuf bout that! Tomoro i ll be going back to melaka.

Have to do preparations for my e-day! *so damn tired*

I wish to settle it by this week!Becuz its been long since i stay i my house in pontiey.

Maybe later tonite I would go to the town to buy some things for my e-day!

Im so sleepy now! Bye dear!


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