Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tender, Lapo, Kampung?Huh?


I wake up very very late today! 7.30 a.m!Luckily I got to be on time! Phewww~~

Well, today I have to settle a bit bout security & cleaning tender! I am in charge regarding the finance! (how they know i love money soo much?) :D

Kidding! I will be working together with the KJS and PPK. I hope this not gonna be long as Im hungry u see. I dun have my breakfast yet!huuuuu....

Did I tell ya, that i wore flat shoes to work this week!ahhha!

Im such a heels big fan but this week im not myself i guess!huhu..

Errr, my tummy is making sound now! I gotta go!

Btw, my plan to stay in Pontiey this weekend is cancelled! (Order for my royal highness father & mother) *head hangs* I guess I have to postpone my sweet home spring cleaning plan!again n again!Wuarghhhhh!!!!