Thursday, February 17, 2011

I miss my boocok heart!

Seriously, I miss him soo much!

I miss to have eat adventure, window shopping (including the toy's dept & electronic dept), watching movie n so on with him! :(

I like to see him laughing, making jokes and tricks to me!

He is adorable, lovable and yet can be pretty annoying sometimes! Hahahaha! ( He must be mad)

Ohh and I miss his smell. ;p

Last evening he asked me;

him: yang, bee rindu x kat abg?
me: i miss u so very the very extremely dangerously much! lol!
him: haha!ur so adorable! tats y i love u.
me: yeah rite, after seven days i will miss you very monster-ish!we'll see wat u gonna say then?hehe
him: haha!

N guess wat after that he left me all alone for playing CS! ok he's forgiven as i left him every night for aerobeek! hih! thats y i x ngamuk! Kalo dulu i dah jadi monster bila dia main CS tu lelama!

Dear moocok: I wish u will be beside me for every second! ;)

~love endlessly~

playful mr. potato! konon cyclops!

and he likes to eat n eat n eat.... ;p


see his grumpy face while waiting for his food!.... ;p

Two weeks not seeing each other is very very torturing kan sayang? ;p



  1. so sweet!! TQ syg.. but y mister potato? :{)

  2. BTW, tu bukan muka grumpy, tp penat.. huhu!

  3. sbb mister potato ada misai mcm u!!!
    yeke x grumpy, i ingat lg u kata lambat la makanan!

  4. hehe.. mmg lambat pon.. tapi worth the wait, sgt sedap kan?!..

  5. sedap gila! nnt i kena buat entry pasal visit kita!hehe