Friday, January 20, 2012

Nikah071011: Overview

It's nearly four months after wedding baru nak cerita ekk?

Takpela...For the sake of record my history at my very own writing space..

Nak review2 ni segan laaa pasal my wedding is juz a simple one.. :)

So i will juz briefly tell what happened on my wedd together with pictas.

Let's go by event and will go for further details later.. 

DIY deco easel, signage by FAstPrint..(penat cat easel tu tau)

no platform for solemnization but yes indeed i hv a DIY pelamin bergambar..

my aunt complaint that my bedsheet is too simple,so i letak la fresh flower petals on my bed

simple DIY deco for dressing table..looks so romantic at that night

ehhh, excuse us...the bride and the groom :)
also i letak fresh flower petals dekat kolam di pelamin :)

the dress *wink* DIY beadings by mom n me

doorgift was home made choc by mom's fren..tq cikgu fadhilah!

i dun have any DIY signage..but i think this hang deco is enuff to tell this is a bride's room :p

make-up done by STAGE (vivian)

DIY flower deco on my bed curtain
DIY handbouquet..(daisy gerbera) only costs u rm15


  1. maybe sy punya solem 0r weds lg simpleeeeee dr awk!insyaallah:)

  2. bila awak nak kawen ni shiro?xsabar sy!

  3. ntah..tggu famili ammar dtg dulu la.kalo xde aral hope bole berdua suku pertama tahun depan hoho..ehh sy suka laa easel awk tu.boleh jadikan rujukan tok weds sy nnti :)