Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hey!It's our 1st anniversary!

Hello there..

It's our 1st anniversary! Time flies so fast ehh? Im truly grateful and thankful to have a such wonderful husband like u, my love.

May our love remains like this till jannah, i always pray.

You alwiz there when i needed you most. 

Im proud to say that u're strong and patient enuf to handle me, bitch me, silly me blablabla. 

Nobody can replace you as i alwiz pray to Allah swt that please let me borrow u till i die. 

I have nothing fancy prezzie to give you but juz my unconditional love.

You are the most annoying creature that i loved sooooooo much..

This is only a beginning, we gotta look ahead with strong heart to face the world.

For this first year's achievement, we already bought a house. I cant wait to move our new house.

Hey, hubby. I LOVE YOU. 

hey, can we get 5days mc?

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