Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Still learning to let go

Hi everyone.

I cnt sleep thus here am i. Writing. Well i need to let this feeling outta me.

As im writing here hubby will b flying off to myanmar in less than 12hours.

Err, got to know in a week before.

He received a text msg fr his boss at 11pm on friday nite. Imagine that?!?!?!lol lol lol.

I wasnt around that weeknd. Outstation. X tntu arah buat keje ble dgr berita.

Thn next week they confirmed hubby need to go there for about 3mo..wherttttttttttt?!?!?!

Its like everyday i cried and cried. Waterfall came out out of my eyes. Lol!

Then it got me thinking y am i so clingy?what happen to the independence girl that once was inside me? Super lol. Then cry.

If u must know its hard for me to let go him off my eyes because ......*drumrolls*...he's a lover, best friend, enemy, therapist, banker (lol), ustaz (important!!!), riding partner, eating partner, n the list goes onnnn..

Ble dia night shift pn i susah gle nk tdo..bayangkan... Dushdushdush

But i know i have to keep going..we must get thru this. I juz pray allah s.w.t will gv me all the strength and patience for all i need. Please dear allah s.w.t. Protect us from any bad and dangerous things. May this test will make us have stronger faith in you. Amin.

Guys. Please pray for us.

Am gonna find tissue boxes and shades for tomorrow. You know. I hate this part when being a girl. Lol.

Nitey nite.

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