Friday, May 3, 2013

A bun in oven

Assalamualaikum and hello people.
Praise to allah swt, now that im pregnant. about to enter 4months next week. ;-)
been waiting for the right moment to write at here. u know,to put some memorable record at here. i cudnt be more happier when i got to know im preggie. im ready at last.
remember my last entry?whining and complaining bout hubs been stationed to myanmar. boy,i didnt know im pregnant at that time. padan la emo semacammmm je..haha. finally we decided hubs goin to myanmar first then i ll be there once my unpaid leave approved. perghhh nk dpt unpaid leave tu pnye la dugaan. but then off i went to myanmar. yeayyyyy..
nk djadikan cerita one week before fly,i duk tggu asal lambat period ni. aku nk mkn fat burner. al maklum la perut peha lengan dah bambam. so i pg bli upt test yg murah. clearblue digital mmg spare kt umah. skype hubby gtau nnt esok pg nk test sbb xsbr dh nk mnum fat burner nih.
esoknya before subuh aku pn check. oh maiii double line la. biar btol. aku blur and panik. cmne ni. dh la laki jauh beribu batu kn. dok skype dia xdpt. whatsapp x bls. aiyaaa apa aku nk buat ni?aku pn g amek upt clearblue. debar gle noksss..tgk pregnat 3++weeks. ohh mai ohh maii what shud i do?ms tu aku sgt blur. happy tp blur.
geram skype laki aku xdpt.aku kol je. mahal pn mahal la. dia la byr. haha. laki aku blur2 tnya nape u buat test 4am ni. hekeleh msia dh subuh ok. pastu aku suh tgk whatsapp. kami bdua blur2 but happy.
then hubs suh g klinik to cnfirm w/out telling anyone. yela kang bsr harapan mil aku plak tu mil aku teman yela laki xde umah kan. g klinik dr. confirmed positive 5weeks. xde scene tahniah dr doktor kpd suami. sob sob sob. lol. berangan lebey. then aku drive g keje dgn blur2 smbil.pesan baby pegang mummy kuat2. tmpt keje mummy jauhh ooo.
then fly g mymar masa 6weeks. few days after that ok lg selera mkn. entering 7weeks je start la nausea,muntah aje kejenya,xde selera nk mkn. smpai la 11weeks br la kurg nausea and muntah. kalo x part yg xtahan tu bab muntah la. kosong perut. kaki asik cramp bdn and punggung asik sakit je. lemah je aku spjg 1st trimester.
baby,if u must know u changed mommy a lot. mommy pregnant kn awak mommy langsung xsuka cokelat,milo kotak.pdhal satu hr mommy habis berbelas ringgit sehari utk snack mommy je before u came. u rea changed me about food. mommy now not myself anymore. suddenly x suka ayam,asam pedas,msk lada or segala bnda pedas2. nasi pn lately ni br leh mkn. kalo x mommy mana bleh hdup tnpa nasi.g honeymoon gigih cr nasi campur anddddd tbe2 mommy suka mkn salmon plak. mommy perasan my eating habit now mcm ur daddy and granny. duhhhh. sian mommy xdpt mkn fave food mommy. but for u dear,mommy telan jugak.
mommy x suka pkai baju mommy spjg preggie ni. mommy suka tibai baju daddy seluar daddy and even spende daddy. lol. apa girlie2 ni. xsuka tau. lol. padahal sblum preggie!!! mommy xsuka cuci muka pkai facial apatah lg nk makeup kan.nasib baik xkuar jerawat. jimat sk ii mommy. ntah2 buang trus lps ni. lg satu mommy tpaksa potong rambut mommy yg dh smpi pinggang tuh. dek hormon mommy's hair didnt produce enough moisture hence kusut masai rmbut mommy. blk msia nenek sapu olive oil then gunting smpai paras bahu. ohh skang ni mommy rea hate shopping. ur daddy said "i love this new mommy". hehe. daddy have to drag me to go out even for dinner. that baddddd. totally opposite previous me.
on 8weeks ultra scan u were so small like the size of blueberry. and on 10 weeks u grew even bigger. i think about 3 or 4 cm. then on ur 14 weeks u already 10cm long. my goodness. u even meniarap smbil tutup telinga and gerak2 kaki. show off kt mommy and daddy is it that now u cn move ur body parts?i cnt help laughing happily ms doktor scan. pdn la before that pusat mommy sakit sgt. agaknya awak tgh nk bpusing habis awak lggr organ mommy yg lain. smpi skang mommy teringat pose awak yg lepas mommy sengih sorg2. mommy tgk dahi jendul mcm daddy. hehehe. xsbr nk jmpe lg end of may. i told ur daddy mcm ne ni yang br kecik dlm perut dh buat mommy cair. blum kluar lg. mommy ingt mommy ni garang. heh.
so now stay put and b strong baby. mommy alwiz there for u. nexweek mommy dh start keje balik. baby behave ok?both mommy and daddy love u lots.