Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ideas for wedding arche

Hey there~

Browsing and browsing and hence I found so many beautiful wedding arches..

ala ala Hawaiian style...

the power of colours

play with multi colours and flowers!it doesnt have to be the same type of flowers aite!

i love this one! modern yet chic!

i know that many of b2b has their own wedding planner to decorate the arche!but not for ME!!
i have to do it on my own!yup, quite penat but its exciting! i love to decorate flowers! love to mix n match them!i bought the arche already in nilai 3 for only rm60!!!can u imagine?!!cheap aint it?
coz at first thought i thought i want to rent it but a big NO when the rent for arche only is 500!!

since i want to cut the cost as many as I can so my only options is to buy my own arche n decorate it!

My wedding arche theme: Wild n sweet!
Wedding arche cost;

Arche : RM 60.00
Flowers : RM 150.00
Leaves : Rm 100.00
Fabric : RM 20.00
TOTAL : RM 330.00 (plus the fact i can give the flowers to my mum n nanny!)

I bought most of flowers at Cowboy Melaka. Very affordable! The big big flowers only rm9/pcs as compared to nilai 3 they sell it for 30++! I will add the flowers from time to time coz xsmpai limit 150 yet!!!

Wish me luck! :-)

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