Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kerja Khawin 2011

Hello peeps!

Ceciter! Ceciter! Keje khawin 2011? ever heard bout it?

I nampak iklan kerja khawin ni masa tgk tv. alaaaaaaa, yg norkhiriyah ngan fiza elite tuh.

Any1 ada experience pegi keje khawin ni?

Best ke mcm urban vibe punye event?

Well, well. Since this saturday i intend to go to kl maybe i will drop by there.
(att to: mr. fiance. please be mentally prepare, our tentative gonna be a long list)

I read from kpkk's web that keje khawen ni ada majlis sanding ramai2!Woooo!

N there will be many other wedding related vendor/suppliers berkampung di sana.

I think I saw Arjuna Cipta will be there also.

Whatever,it's no harm to peek them aite. (only if you have much time. hiks)

This week i will try to find fiance's wedding ring. if possible we both want a couple ring!

Im interested dgn emas 375 but katanya lelaki xleh pkai kan? Is that true?

Mcm boring lak kan engagement ring dah warna putih, kawen pun sama gak warnanya..huhu..Tp i xsuka gold ring! lain xpe, but ring i prefer rose gold/white gold/platinum!

Hurmmm..moga murah lah rezeki kami! AMIN!

Plus i want to go to GM Plaza. This going to be my second visit.

1st visit tu i mcm lost jer..tatau nak pegi kedai mana.

I nak survey face towel and all sort of gifts.

Any idea of doorgift? Lemme know please! *hugs*

ps:/ my mum told me that there's a nice restaurant in malacca also offering wedding package. quite affordable but i mcm segan2 je nak kol (pd hal komunikasi suara je kan). sbb my guest wont be 1000 pax pun. going to be 700-800 guests only. How la erhhh? :-(

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