Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bride's Nervous Breakdown

Heyooooooo people..


I wanna ask that..

  1. Have u ever feel scared that the wedding might be cancel due to any sort of reasons??
  2. Do u once think that ur fiance or future husband may leave u for watever reasons???
  3. Do you feel sad if the wedding will not happen either because of you or him???
  4. Can you ever imagine that the w-day do not happen as what u have planned????
  5. Have u feel that u want to back off from this marriage thingy, from these commitments???

Been thinking those lately.

im a freak.

im scared to lose him.

he's my prince arthur.

but I noe that i am belong to no other than Allah s.w.t

He may take him or me at anytime.

I wish He will let me live with chuan.

i want to be with him for every seconds in my life.

i want to share my hapiness and sadness with him.

i want to have our own house.

i want us to live under one roof.

i want to cook for him, wash his clothes, get angry with him for the mess.

i wanna be the best for him.

though i am scared i can never be the same doter and sister to my family.

i am scared marriage may change his love for me.

i am scared that i will never have my freedom anymore.

i am scared to hold any responsibilities related to pregnant, baby, parent thingies.

but still i wanna have kids.

i wanna have cute kids like rania. lol.

i wanna go toys r us together with him and the kids.

i wanna tease him that now we go toy r us with kids now. no more single mingle life.

i wanna grow old with him.

i wanna tease him 'hey abg!!u r rongak now!hishhhhhh!"

ohhh much to do and these things linger in my mind..

is it a normal emotional break down?

syg, hold my hands. never let me go.

1 comment:

  1. i br je terfikir td rs mcm nk putus sbb i rs i tak layak utntuk tunang i.dia serba serbi baik and quite perfect.i dh la tak cntik,perangai lps tu i hilangkan perasaan tu.kdg2 tu semua mainan perasaan oleh jgn ikutkan sgt