Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FINALLY!!!I found my wedding shoe!

Hi darla!

How r u guys?

Recently ni, i asik emo dgn fiance je..

Dun ask me y?
I have so many unreasonable reasons.

Im tired, im sick, i felt im the only one who think about the wedding details, i ngada2 tahap max, im on bitch bridezilla mode blablablabla. Hiks.

I guess he has to bear all these bullshit from me till we r married. At least!

Nuff about that. 

Remember this shoe?

NOPE!!!i dun buy this!NO money NO jimmy shoes okay??lol

 BUT, instead i found this.................

tarrraaaaaaaaa! a black lacey with silver lining shoe!and look at me dear, i have danglings at the front!

Ohhh yeahhh..

At last, I found one that I like tho I dun rea like the brand.

Seriously, i felt like im going to suicide if i buy this shoe from this shop!

Hahahahaha. Im a freak. im a shit like waldorf!

Nevertheless, it's a beautiful in my eyes. So i go to plan B, which is just buy everything that lokks nice and comfy no matter which brand of it rather than stick to Plan A, buy all the wish list and end up with less more money! Tp puas! Arghhh! Sudah sudah..!!!!I bought it already.

And my beloved fiance gelak2 kan i beli kasut kat situ. Coz once i said please kill me if i buy shoes from this shop even though the shoes and handbags from these shoes are very gorjezzz. 

U must think im a totally jackass to even said that rite. I have strong reasons you see. though the handbags and shoes from this shop are ver the very gorjez but i think it alwiz ikut style designers. Like certain beg dia mcm LV, or mcm coach n blabla..So thats y i dun like. I  prefer vincci than this shop though this shop certainly quite expensive!

Anyhoo, i will add some pastel pink bedazzle onto the shoe. It will be match with my black & pink lace.

Superb!!!I love the shoe! (xkira la dr brand apa pun!sighhh!)

Nanti i tunjuk the end product kayyyy!!

Best wishes to all b2b!!


  1. doesn't matter the brand --> what a lovely shoes!! congrats dear dah jumpa yg berkenan di hati. i masih mencari. huhu~ =)

  2. cantik2...lurve the 1st pic. I rase ade shoes macam tu kat primavera..sebijik..hehhe..tapi kasut u jumpe tu pun quite nice..btw..i folo u k dear...:P beshnye jumpe b2b dari melaka

    nak exchange link?

  3. cik elya: hehehe. sexay is a must feeling for a bride aite.. :p

    cik hazz: tu la, i dah redha sbb malas nk pikir2 kasut kawen lg. tggl kasut nikah je. cik hazz keje kat kl kan?cuba buka, rasa kat metrojaya ada sales mcm2 kasut. cube g tgk!

    iedchan: of coz i will follow you (nyanyi mcm iklan digi). yg 1st pix tu jimmy choo, xlarat nak beli. :p kalo la i tau primavera ada kasut mcm tu, mst i dh angkut! btw, nice meeting a b2b fr malacca so that we can share and exchange ideas and sorrow of a bride to be journey!hahaha

  4. hii gorjes... lovely shoes for a lovely suits u well dear..cantik + elegan gitu..
    sory ye it takes time to track ur blog i jarang bka blog skrang ni..but now i found u yeayy!!!