Friday, June 10, 2011

Ideas: Wedding band for him!

Hello peeps!

How r u?

It's friday and yippie yippie yay!

Bet that all the b2b must be waiting for friday to manage the w-day preps.

Ok, enuf.

Have u guys ever face difficulties in finding wedding band for HIM?


Till now x dapat2.

The choices for men's ring are limited u see.

The can only wear either silver (most recomendded by rasul s.a.w), platinum, and other metals such as tungsten,  titanium blabla. Btw, i dunno whether tungsten, titanium are under silver or wat? Watever u call it, name it. Anyhoo, in Malaysia most of jewelers only sell platinum, suasa (gold rose), and white gold. Unfortunately, a Muslim man cant wear anything that has gold. So i thought that men can wear suasa but actually there's argument onto that. It has a lil percent of gold! Can it be wear or not?

It's up to the couple actlly. For us, we decided to be safe where suasa wont be in our list. Now definitely the options are left to platinum and silver! Well well, platinum ring may be an opt for those who have bigger budgets. But if u r a good hunter, u may find a reasonable price for platinum. I found one in JJ Tebrau City. It's only 1000++ as compared to other shops that sell over 3000+++.

In my case Chuan preferred to buy a simple not so expensive ring for him BUT he requested that balance of  his ring's budget will be used to buy 40+" lcd 3D tv. Ohhh yeahhhhhh, SOOOOOOOOOO chuan ok. lagi semangat beli tv dari cincin kawen. Even mentioned that I dun have to buy ring for him. NO NO NO darling, i will definitely buy you a ring. So that u remember our truthful knots.  U got that, syg?

Back to his ring's hunting, I have been looking here and there for his ring but none found. Tried to find MIMOSA in klcc but they have moved. Went to HABIB, SK, Tomei and many more but he didnt like any. Googling and googling on the net and found few webs that sell customade ring made of palladium, tungsten, titanium and many other. 

Well, titanium is used to make the ironman suit tau..LOL.

Well, these metals have few better qualities and hell lot cheaper prices than platinum.

Couple ring also available. But im not sure if b2b would like to wear not-gold ring. But I would!

Check these out kay.. 

Hope that I can help to those still in the ring hunting.

ps: maybe this is the one for my wedding band? only costs me for 600++. 

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