Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1001 cerita

dun worry..im not going to tell ya 1001 stories.. :p

its hv been long since i update my blog n my wedding preps as well..

hiks!bz?pretty much!

i went to pre wedding course last weekend.

two days okeh?dem it.. :p (g bercuti bermalam2 xpe,kusus kawen xleh lak erh?keji tol)

kursus tu dr pagi smpai ke petang..both days..penat tak usah ckp lar..smpai hari ni terasa penat bahana x cukup rest..

but well i got a lots of extra info during the course.

n even ada pameran pengantin this weekend in melaka.

I suppose not as great as in kl..but dun be judge mental..lets see how it is.. :)

after the course we went to fiance's house to show the recption's fabric to my pil..

alhamdulillah they liked it very much..mil was so xcited with the lace. im so glad both mothers love the kain same like me..kurang satu kepeningan..hehe..speaking of that i haven't upload any photos of my kain!!later lar..hiks!

we also went to azam tailor but unfortunately they closed on sunday..demmmmmmmmm!!!haha..anyhow, we visited kamdar (next to azam tailor) to heal the frustration..we surveyed the material for guys suit. we already surveyed in gulatis before and very2 pricey..gucci lace is much way cheaper..can u imagine the suits material is about 700/metre!hell!since we are not goddamn rich, we cant consider that into our budget..unless the suits only require 2metres.ahaks!in ur dream ika!nnt laki ko half naked lak kannn...

the kamdar somehow offer very fair price but somehow i felt that it is very unfair to buy the material in kamdar as the price different between my baju n his baju is so faaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr ok! (pity him as he has to pay quite a lot of money for my baju but xkan dia punya murah lak kan)

hurmmm,sumtimes i feel like malas nak kawen..so many things to do..n its not ez to be in my situation..i feel sad regularly when my wishes cant become true..yeah..all of us have unique idea for our wedding but not all of the dreams will come true ya knowwwwwwwww.. (read: baca dgn nada stress) its not that im not thankful but its my wedding..can you please consider my wishes?now that im fedup n i juz go with the flow (big wavve one i tell u)..hiks..

watever it is im glad that i have my mum, pil, brothers, bff and of coz fiance..

last week i have been complaining too much about fiance..as now he has changed lil by lil..im glad n sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in love with him..ahakz, me also try to change to the better k?not juz him! i can see now the husband features in him..hiks! i tell ya, i can talk anything to him.. from the happy to the bad things..we will try to settle it together.. hope we will remain like this forever..sobs!

i cant wait to go the wedding exhibition..this is my first time.. :) (jakunnya)..hope mum can join me..tension nya aku kalo kena pg sorg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyhow, tadi i got to know that there is an event on the saturday nite..everyone has to invilve.wat????modaphacar!!

i am now thinking for an excuse not to go to the event. please, im not trying to escape from work..but please,its weekend n i need to go to the exhibition..information is power ya know???plus, my pinggan semasa tunang still x berkemas..sian mama i nak kena wat sorg..

urghhhhhh!!!!how ek?wat excuse to be used???anyone plez?

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