Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding Dress - 1st thought

Believe it or not!

I think I already receive signs from God related my wedding dresses!


Oooh!Dun be sceptical!

I noe that I alwiz change my mind regarding this!

Ehek! Blame me! I juz wanna be pretty on my BIG day!

I wouldnt be bersanding on a dais wat not, so this is where I should splurge and indulge maself aite aite? (please,put your hands in the air)

Looking at few blogs and webs for the wedding dress and its pretty annoying for me!

Ahhha!Its becoz all the dresses are awesome, stunning and gorjez!

Gosh!I feel terrible as I already bought kain for my wedding dress! :-(

Sometimes I ask maself, y shud I tempah instead of sewa.

There are so many beautiful dresses available for rent and I juz bought the kain without doing any research!

Juz to make me feel good, I put the blame on my fiance.

He's the one said to me he thinks its best to tempah our own dress rather than sewa. :-p

And to make me feel even more better I tell myself that I shall design something simple that I can wear to any official functions! (besar sgt pangkat ko ke ka,ada org nak jemput?)

Nuff said!

So here's the general idea of my wedding dress;

  1. akad nikah: a long pleated dress with hand cuffs and buttons at the chest. I wish it to be 2 pieces!
  2. tandang: A simple short kebaya with kain yg bertingkat2!hahaha..i dunno the right term!
  3. for pix's sake:" songket! we can only wear it once in a life time aite,hence i decided to rent songket for the both of us. but interestingly, that i read sumwhere in the blogs that the songket is sold at cheaper price at city one plaza.hurmmm!definitely i will go there on my next visit to kl!
Hurmm..Suddenly I feel that Sept is too soon!

So many to attend and manage! Plus with the small budget and high demand from me!

Pray for my strength to go through this peeps!

ps:/ sayang, please bear with me in the progress! must be able to handle me yet lovable and still caring ok?




  1. ika!i suka idea kebaya future wedding dress tuhh.x tau la kalo design yg ada dlm kepala kita due sama @ x =)

  2. shiro:sy bukan kebaya yg bertingkat..kain je yg tingkat2!hehe :p

  3. typical gle alasan.. haha!.. :{)