Sunday, March 13, 2011

baju yg aku SUKA tp cuan kena BAYAR nnt

Helo girls!

I heart these dresses.

Pix taken from

Plez browse the web!

They had superb package.
I juz love this sooo much!

I heart the pleated

I heart the kebaya!superb cut!

See the detailing?simple yet focusing at the chest!i loikee!

I fancy the idea of two pieces and flowy2!

Im drooling over these dresses!!How i wish to wear those on my BIG day! Theres another one can can dress by which i HEART the most okeh! the rent is 2k if im not mistaken. Mr. fiance gonna sweat all over hearing this! Hehe.. :-p

Lets juz hope that I will wear something nice! PRAY for me girls! daaa.....~


  1. masa kahwin dulu pun saya amik pakej dgn rins suzana.. my advise you kena cari orang yg boleh jadi pengapit dan lead during bersanding.. sbb diorang takde "mak andam" yang akan tolong2 atas pelamin nanti.

  2. sayahappyselalu: hi!xkan mampu amek pun kak, mahal lar. sewanya rm2k ke atas. btw tq for the advice. very nice of u. (segannya, otai blog dtg jengah blog sy)