Sunday, March 13, 2011

My engagement - Review

Hi people!

Erm,, how should i start this?

First and foremost I warn u that my engagements is juz a small celebrations. I dun hire any OP but it turned out to be there are many OP on that day..Hahaha! Im stil waiting pix from abg farouk (my bil) and Uncle Din. I bet they have the best pix as they conquered from the others. Hihi  :-)

1. Make up

perut i slim!YAY!
STAGE makeup. Have u ever heard of it? The brand has been official make up for last years AJL i think. I forgot. Well, I bought make up from them and there is where I got to know they also offer make over service. Since my engagement started at 10 am, so I ask them to come over my home! Well, this is my second time been make up by STAGE. Overall i like it despite the fact that im so tired waiting for Vivian (the MUA) to betolkan my kening. She's a perfectionist in her work. Any B2B in Melaka interested for her service, juz email me ya..Reasonable price ya noe! The make up was very thin I tell ya but yet stunning. Another fact is, I dun like to wear the eyelashes. Though that, the eyelash made my eyes look bigger u see!

2. Outfit

I love the way it falls
Well, I did wear the dark green kurung modern. I made it few months before we decided to engage. The fabric was bought from Gulatis (my fave) and was sent to my auntie's boutique. Thought of keeping it for any official functions but engagement also can be counted as one of the officials aite? hehe...The bottom A line skirt was a two tone chiffon. As the queen of that day, I also wear my personal own Dokoh. For hijab, I chose to wear syria and then cover by the pleated shawl. I did add a pear head band into the syria as if its a small crown. Hiks :p

see? I juz selit je the pearl cekak.

I hope u can see the two tones :p


Believe it or not I dun have any pix on that? HAHAHAHA! At least for now la. I told ya im still waiting pix from my bil and uncle.  I gave cuan's side 5 baskets which include the potpouri, fruits, choc n biscuits, cake and hadis. Was suppose to give him sirih dara but the flowers x cantik plak masa pagi tuh, so i changed it to cake. The cake was meant for the potong2 kek moment but what to do erh? :p I cant wait to show ya guys the choc n biscuits basket i made for him. So cute. Wait for it ok, later i will find the pix. Hiks!

I have noting else to comment. Im thankful for the helps received from famiy n frens on that day. What most important is, I have been engaged! Yay!!! Lega werhhh! No words can describe my feeling..Im juz grateful!

after sarung cincin
burry is classic (fauwaz, 2011)
the frog prince and the princess :p

with ma mami n daddy!

gedix time with mami
gedix time with cuan! lol!
oopps!lupa lak si tukang basuh pinggan!penting woo! :p

ps/: piahh,mana gmbar kita??ohh yeah, i ada ng doorfift for everyone lupa lak kat mana letak gmbarnye..nnt la erh i citer pasal doorgift. :p

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