Saturday, March 12, 2011

My maid of honour (s)

Without them my e-day wont be as it turned out to be.

Grateful to have them.

They are my best of besties back in school, matrix, uni and work.

Njoy the pix!
with wani
with zana
with algojo (wani) :p

i heart this pix
to the right (pots, betik, cuan, wani, me n wani) where's zana?
while waiting for his rombongan

They help me by doing lap pinggan, hidang lauk, pakaikan inai, siap2kan i, layan tetamu n etc..

Love u guys to the bits!

Big TQ to them for alwiz being there besides me.

ps/: nak belikan dorg baju warna pe erk utk wed nnt?

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